Sunday, May 29, 2011

I have to do it my way......

I realized today that I really have to stop worrying about what others think.  What do I mean you ask?  I live alone.  I eat dinner at a tv tray and have a large dining room table that sits empty.  This table allows me the space I need to create; my drafting table is just too small.

I became ashamed after a friend made comments about my arts and crafts taking over.  I really felt bad and moved all of my thing from the table.  It looks very pretty, but, it is begging to be used.  I can hear it calling me, "use me to make cards, use me to make books, my molecules miss you."

It was then I realized that I put too much stock in what others think.  I stopped knitting and crocheting for over 10 years because my husband thought it was a waste of time.  How sad.  I stopped making cards because I convinced myself that the work wasn't good enough.  I stopped going within because I thought nothing was there.  How sad.

This is the funny part.  My husband died in January of 2001.  I was sitting the basement one Saturday morning in October and the thought hit me "Hey....there is no one to complain about me knitting..." I turned off the TV went to the yarn shop and bought yarn and needles and have been knitting and crocheting ever since.  I have made some of the best gifts.....

I am in the process of putting my art supplies back on the table.  My cutting mat is in place.  I have the most beautiful plant in the middle of the table and it will stay brings life to the creations.  Oh I feel so happy to be able to look at my table and see the things that make my heart sing.  I have made thank you cards, completed ATC for the Wild Card Swap and have startd backgrounds for the June Swap.  Gosh am I happy.

So, I am going to use the rest of my life perfecting my way of doing things.....should prove to be very interesting,

until next time......

Time of a Lifetime.......Annual ArtFest Retreat

I was reviewing my posts and find this one that I never published it was originally written April 11, 2011....enjoy

I returned yesterday from my second ArtFest Retreat.  Why do I call it a retreat?  Because it is a time for me to reconnect.  Reconnect to the part of me that loves to create.  This was my second year a ArtFest.  I was a lot more comfortable and was much more observant.  I got a chance (thanks to my creative soul sister Colleen) to see Port Townsend and taste its special flavor.  I had three outstanding classes from three outstanding teachers:  Jill K. Berry - Spontaneous Deconstructed Journal;  L K Ludwig The Big Book and Orly Avineri - The Art of Correspondence.

I have to say that each class brought something new out of me.  Deconstructed Journal class showed me how I could be spontaneous in creating a journal, and I love the technique Pochoir (I could tell you what it means, it's more fun to google it and see for yourself).  The Big Book class allowed me to play with the technique of scraping but it also showed me that I do not like binding books by sewing them. Give me a bind it all any day.  Love, Love, punching them holes.

The last class was The Art of Corespondence and I must say it was the best way to end the session.  The class was centered around making Post cards.  If you look below you will see a picture of one that I made.  You start out with a large sheet of water color paper, use ink, paint and imagination and the result is nothing less than spectacular.  I was thoroughly amazed at what I produced.

I love ArtFest and plan (God willing) to attend again next year.

Friday, May 27, 2011

I changed the page

I did it, I tried to like the cutesy page, but it just wasn't singing to my spirit, so I changed it to the one I wanted in the first place.  I loooooveeee the color spashes in the background.  Isn't life like that really?  Anyhoo, I am happy

Creating through Cancer......

A couple of months ago I changed the background of this blog to reflect my creative side. I looked at it over time and did not like it. I tried to change it but the page for change would not open up. I was really bummed about that. Today I realize that this is the correct page background for this time in my life. It is colorful and cheerful. Over the next few months I will need this as a reminder to be colorful and cheerful.

You see, I have breast cancer in both breasts. It is in the early stages and highly treatable. I will undergo radiation therapy on both breasts at a minimum. Not sure about any other forms of treatment. I had a lumpectomy of the left breast on May 20th and will have a lumpectomy of the right breast soon. This way I can have radiation therapy at the same time on both breasts.

I plan to spend this summer creating; blogging and journaling about my experience. I find that sitting down and letting the creative juices flow is quite exhilarating. In fact it puts a smile on my face. I will be working on Christmas presents, perfecting background painting techniques and just plain having as much fun as possible.

There is no time to feel sad, Sure there are moments when I feel a little down, that is normal. What I refuse to do is let it control my life. I have had a good one and expect to continue in that vein. I have a lot of changes to make in my life over the next few months.....I don't really know what they are at the moment, but I am sure the Spirit will lead me, just like He led me to write today.

The picture today is part of a collection of post cards I created while at ArtFest in Port Townsend, Washington this year. I had so much fun creating and I plan to continue. So, for today, I am going to work on the Family Reunion Souvenier book, complete ATC's for by Badbaby monthly swap and complete the lapghan I have been working on for months.

Until next time......