Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time of a Lifetime.......Annual ArtFest Retreat

I was reviewing my posts and find this one that I never published it was originally written April 11, 2011....enjoy

I returned yesterday from my second ArtFest Retreat.  Why do I call it a retreat?  Because it is a time for me to reconnect.  Reconnect to the part of me that loves to create.  This was my second year a ArtFest.  I was a lot more comfortable and was much more observant.  I got a chance (thanks to my creative soul sister Colleen) to see Port Townsend and taste its special flavor.  I had three outstanding classes from three outstanding teachers:  Jill K. Berry - Spontaneous Deconstructed Journal;  L K Ludwig The Big Book and Orly Avineri - The Art of Correspondence.

I have to say that each class brought something new out of me.  Deconstructed Journal class showed me how I could be spontaneous in creating a journal, and I love the technique Pochoir (I could tell you what it means, it's more fun to google it and see for yourself).  The Big Book class allowed me to play with the technique of scraping but it also showed me that I do not like binding books by sewing them. Give me a bind it all any day.  Love, Love, punching them holes.

The last class was The Art of Corespondence and I must say it was the best way to end the session.  The class was centered around making Post cards.  If you look below you will see a picture of one that I made.  You start out with a large sheet of water color paper, use ink, paint and imagination and the result is nothing less than spectacular.  I was thoroughly amazed at what I produced.

I love ArtFest and plan (God willing) to attend again next year.

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