Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chickens of the World get a New Lease on Life......

Today we have a picture of a very happy chicken.  I am in the second week of radiation therapy.  So far it has been going well.  Not many major side effects except for one.  I have lost my appetite.  It has officially gone on vaca.  I have also lost the taste for Chicken.  My closest friends and family members know how much I love chicken. I am the Bubba Gump of chicken, I can eat it any way on any day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Well, not any more.
The chicken in the picture is dancing because it knows it is safe for a while anyway.  What have I been eating? Oh salads, tuna fish, soup and fruit smoothies.  It is all good and I am amazed at the fact that I do not miss the meat.

I had planned to purchase organic chicken and other meats to be free of all the things they are given to enhance their growth.  The type of cancer I am being treated for is related to the production of too much estrogen.  Since I am way past menopause (it came early at age 43) I did not think I was producing estrogen.  I realized today it was all that chicken made extra big and juicy with growth hormones which include estrogen.  I did research to make sure my thoughts were correct, so it is no joke.  If I had been a moderate chicken eater, I may not be going through this today.  I had the test, I am not carrying the gene, so chicken is the scapegoat for now anyway.

You have to be able to find humor where you can and if it has to be at the expense of my dear friend chicken, so be it. I cannot say if my taste for chicken will gradually return, but for now the chickens of the world can feel safe, because today, if there was just me and one chicken left on the earth, it would be safe.


danceswithtrees said...

jThat's darling, Glenda! I know when my dh went through chemo his tastes changed dramatically, It took awhile for his tastes to get back to more normal for him, but some things he still doesn't want to eat. I wish it was the same for his smoking....can't believe it, but after a very serious cancer he started smoking again. I could wring his neck! Anyway, glad you're still feeling good ?Don't forget about the miso! Hugs,m Lorna

beenebag said...

Hang in there:) Hopefully you can find something that your palate will be interested in. Must keep up your strength with nourishment. Maybe now is the time to try something you never have might like it now:) Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you heal soon. take care

HELP THE BEAR! said...

Hey Glenda. I'm appalled at your story. My husband always says that when someone dies, the chickens should break for the woods because chickens in three counties better will be on the table for eating. ;)LOL. Glenda, I eat chicken as well like you did. I've left the beef and other meats alone. I use to be a vegetarian. I will be returning to being just that...vegetarian!I am so turned off with what is happening on this planet. The food, the water and the air is being poisoned and our government doesn't seem to care. What I do now is detox...just as one have to change the oil in the has to detox to get the environmental pollutants out of the body.
Glenda,, I'm still looking for the cricut work. I'll look further on this site. Until later, Love You Girl! Lucille

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, Glenda, I can't even begin to know exactly what you are going through, but please accept my sincerest wishes for continuing improvement and health. I love it that you have kept a sense of humor and applaud your spirit. Thanks for letting me know about this blog.
See you in PT !!

Lisa South said...

That is really interesting (and scary!) about the chicken/estrogen link. Thanks for sharing the info. And I just want to say how amazing you are and I hope I can be so positive and full of fun and humor as you are when I'm confronted with such a challenge. YOU ROCK!

Glenda said...

Thanks to everyone for the wonderul comments. I am trying my best to stay as positive as I can. My mom has breast cancer twice and she was a wonderful example of faith and courage. I am just following her lead.

Pearl said...

hello! i think you should read the book i just finished by alice is all about her relationship with her pet chickens. maybe i'll get you one and you can name her glennie. :)

Regina said...

Hi dear friends. That's a scary connection to make. But I'm glad you have found some humor in this all. You truly are amazing.

I'm not trying to make you a vegetarian or anything, but I just read Crazy Sexy Diet. It talks about this connection (plus others) and gives tips on healthy eating to help fight cancer. Maybe you can find it at your library.

Biggest hugs XOXOXO

Classygirl said...

Glad that you are keeping your sense of humor during this time. And I'm happy for the chickens! LOL! Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way!

Sue J said...

Hi Glenda, I saw your post on Life Book and just wanted to tell you to laugh and stay positive. I had my lumpectomy in 2007 and I'm now down to my last box of Tamoxifen - Yay! Can't wait to get off 'em.
Everyone you know knows someone who's had breast cancer.
Eat lots of raw foods and juices.
Looking forward to sharing the fun with you on Life Book.
Hugs, Sue (Australia)