Monday, October 15, 2012

Breast Pocket part 2

I am getting ready to mail more breast pockets so I thought I would post them prior to mailing.  I did remember to take pictures of them all this time.

I have had scraps of fleece from the blankets and bears project at church for 2 years.  We did not want to throw them out, so I took them.  Last night it hit me that I could use them for breast pockets so here is my first attempt.

The top two are made from Japanese Kimono Fabric and the bottom one is made from vellum scrapbook page I received for participating in a breast cancer project.

Butter fly fabric, can't remember where I got it from but I just liked the fluidity of it.  The green is from a Japanese Kimono it can really double as a breast pocket OR a smart phone holder, how is that for versatility.

More Kimono fabric, purchased it from Katie Kendrick.  I love supporting other artists and after I got the fabric, knowing that I am not much of a fabric artist, I wondered what I would do with it all.  Problem solved in a grand fashion.

Repost of the knitted pocket.  I scanned it the first time (not a good idea).

Why am I doing this?  My great-grandmother Fannie Jane Cole, grandmother, Zelma Lee Young and mother, Glennie Mae Barber all had breast cancer twice.  They were courageous women and set an excellent example for me on how to deal with any type of adversity.  So each wobbly stitch that I sew is for them.  Plus, I have just had a darn good time.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Breast Pocket Project

This year has been a year of firsts for me and the one I am currently most proud of is making Breast Pockets.  As a breast cancer warrior (I kinda like this better than survivor).  I participate in anything project that will bring awareness to the need to be mindful of each person that has been impacted by this disease.

Melanie Testa is the originator of this project, which is intended to give courage and support to women who have had mastectomies and decided not to have reconstructive surgery.

I did not have a mastectomy, I opted for double lumpectomy since I had early stage cancer in both breasts.  I did however have to have 3 surgeries on my right breast inorder to get clear margins as a result I am a little lopsided but who cares, I am healthy and so far cancer free.

Anyhoo, I have pictures of a couple of the pockets I made.

One I have mailed (I forgot to photograph the other two in the envelope) and one I will be mailing within the next couple of days. 

Melanie is a great inspiration to me, we are email and facebook friends and I will always cherish her friendship and encouragement.

Handsown breast pocket

Knitted breast pocket.  I wanted to try and see if I could knit a pocket and I did.  Woohoo
This has been a fun time for me.  Melanie, thanks for the opportunity


Monday, October 01, 2012

A Preview of Things to Come - My Italian Adventure

It occured to me that I do not have to wait until I have everything just right inorder to begin to post about my trip to Italy.  Blog posts do not have to have 5 million words.  It is 2 am Pacific time and I am up, it will take a few days for my body to adjust.  I fell asleep at 5 pm and slept until 11:30 pm, now I am wide awake so here we are:

Snippets of my trip in Pictures:

Rustic Tower in Orvieto

Painted Cactus one of the pictures I used during class. I loved it.

Scrumptions dinner in Rome, hand made sausage and Pasta with
Meat Sauce - Yum

Teacher and Friend, Tracie Huskampf, such a kind spirit.
I will never be the same after this trip.  More on that later/
Suffice it to say, I had a lot of fun.