Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Blog-a-long 14/30 Never Waste Paint

I watch a lot of videos by artists and most of them do the same thing.  They do not waste paint.  Artists like Jessica Sporn, Diane Reaveley, and Christine Urias all mention that they keep a journal handy to place the paint not used.  They use brayers, put stencils on blank pages to blot off excess paint, rub their palettes on the blank page to make backgrounds.  I watched but did not really pay attention until Monday night.  I was working on a journal page and had excess paint on two or three small palettes.  The light bulb finally went off and I pulled out my journal by Diane Reaveley.  I took the Palettes and rubbed them on the page above.  It made for an amazing (if I say so myself) background page.  From now on I am going to keep this book on the table beside me to catch all of excess paint.  Then I will be able to journal in my book with the pages in various stages of preparation.

I love learning lessons and this one is the best.  Not only does it save money, it also makes me use the journals I have on my shelf begging for attention. Hmmm, what other lessons will I learn as I make this journey through discovering my creativity?  Only time will tell.

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