Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blog-a-long day 25/30: Art takes many forms

The picture above was altered by using an app ArtistaOil which takes a photo and turns it in to a rendition of an oil painting.  It was so much fun to work with this app and discover what can be done with photo's.

Art does take many forms.  I sometimes struggle trying to define what type of artist I am.  There are so many things I like.  For example, I have been really struggling trying to decide what type of book I am going to take with me to China to capture my trip.  I toyed with making a book, using one of the watercolor books I have sitting empty on the shelf, taking a smash book to capture all the ephemera and memorabilia I collect.  Why I have make this so hard is beyond me.  

Last Christmas I took a picture of my Christmas Tree and transformed it into an oil painting and then printed on card stock for my Christmas card.  I loved it and it was so special.  But I am torn between fine art, mixed media and folk art.  Where do I fit?  I think a better question is where do I want to fit in? I have to believe in myself and understand that art takes many forms and give myself permission to embrace myself right where I am.


Bonnie Rose Bryan said...

Who wrote the rule that you must make one kind of art, one kind of way? ... and who made the rule that you have to swear an aligeance that?? Make art, any kind of art, any way you want to make it, whenever you feel like making it. Being an artist does not equal being limited and labeled, it means you are a creative person, who expresses herself as she sees fit to do so. In fact, I think ewperimenting with different forms/methods/techniques can only make you a BETTER ARTIST, no matter what style or method you are creating in, at any given time.

Rene said...

First of all, let me get over my jealousy that you're going to CHINA!!!

And then let me second what Bonnie said: There are no rules except the ones made by galleries and juried art shows. Even then, you can submit whatever fits those rules after you've created your ar.

Otherwise, create the way you're moved to create at the moment.

Looking forward to seeing photos (changed to oil paintings or not) journal pages, and doodles on Chinese napkins while you're there.

Don't stop blogging!

The Creative Beast said...

As a Creative Beast, I agree with Bonnie Rose Bryan: "Who wrote the rule that you must make one kind of art, one kind of way?" As you well know, I am a seamstress, a knitter, book maker, costume maker, toy maker, dancer, & performance artist, but while I do not practice these crafts everyday, working in them does add greatly to every other art form I practice and generates ideas for mixing them up. And I do not think you are making things hard on yourself by trying to decide what book to take to record your tip to China because I think you can take them all - each book for recording different parts of the trip in different ways!
Now, go forth to China, BE CREATIVE and be sure to share your trip with us here =-)

Glenda Hoagland said...

The reason for the angst over book to take to China is partly due to the weight limits for luggage and even carry on backpack. I want to take a book that captures the essence of my trip and at the same time will not make my luggage too heavy. I have to be honest and say that I have never really sketched so I just do not feel the most confident, sorry. I am good at collaging and gluing post cards into books, so we will just have to wait and see what comes of all of this. what ever it is I am going to have a ball.