Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blog-a-long day 27/30 Random Thoughts Tuesday

Postcard made for Arthouse Coop Post card swap

Wow day 27, where has the time gone.  It is time for random thoughts tuesday, a day to just talk about whatever comes to my mind.   There are a few things I thought about this morning as I cleaned the kitchen.

1.  Stop flying by the seat of my pants.....I need to plan my day.  I get up eat and then move around randomly touching this and that.  I have a lot to do and it usually gets done, but I find that I waste a lot of time also.  Really, I do and then complain to myself (since I live alone) that there is never enough time.  Of course there is enough time, I just have to use it wisely.  Taking a few minutes just to jot some notes to myself will not hurt and will probably help a lot.

2.  This is a thought I have often...you know what to do just do it.  Why did this become so important today?  I received an invitation (ok advertisement) to sign up for a 27 day journaling challenge on line. It will show me how to get my thoughts on paper, how to journal better and talk about what I want from life.......<making face and thinking>.  I considered signing up when the thought came to me "how many classes do you need to take?  You know what to do just do it."  Makes logical sense

3.  This thought was from this morning but it is just as profound (if I do say so).  I participate in Life Book 2013 and each week we get a new assignment.  They are wonderful and I am behind.  Truthfully I was up to date until I went on vacation.  I only did two of the assignments while I was gone and now I have to get the motivation to catch up.  Back to the thought....Some of the participants have the picture done within an hour or two after viewing the weekly video.  The work is beautiful and I say to myself "how in the Hell did they get it done so fast?"  They probably just sit down and do it.  Should I take the hint?  Maybe, but I am not a fast creator.  I have to think about it, let the paint dry, get easily distracted and knit a few rows on a scarf.....I think, dear reader, you may be getting the picture.  Hence the need for thought number 1.  Quit flying by the seat of my pants.

I like my random thoughts for this week......I just have to honor them


Scarlit said...

First time reader. I sure can relate to your random thoughts. I feel like I've been going through the same things. Just do it and why am I wasting so much time doing everything and nothing! Thanks for your honest :)

Glenda Hoagland said...

Scarlit. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.