Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Blog-a-long Day 6: Random Thought Tuesday.....Saying Goodbye

Instead of writing two different blog entries, I am going to incorporate the Blog-a-long into my weekly Tuesday Series Random Thought Tuesday.

Thought for Tuesday Aug. 6, 2013:

Tomorrow Morning I leave for Chicago.  I have been visiting my daughter and her family since I arrived early in the morning on July 3rd, 2013.  It has been a wonderful trip and I get misty eyed just thinking about it.  I love spending time with the family.  We laugh and talk, giggle at silly things, watch Family Feud, Tiger Baseball, the lovely Muppet 2011 movie and House Hunter Marathons.
We go to church, shopping and birthday celebrations.  We hug and smile and enjoy each moment.

This is my second year of coming to stay for an extended visit.  Since I retired last year I do not have to rush back home to go to work and it feels good.  But, no matter how long I stay, it is still hard to say good bye.  Between hugs and tears I know in my heart that I will see them again next summer; that when I get home there is much to do; plan for meetings at church; prepare for a trip out of the country in September; catch up on delayed art projects, so much to do because life does go on.

However, Today, Tuesday Aug. 6th is my last day in Detroit, last day to sit and laugh; last day for so many things until.........next July when I come again for my annual visit.  I will make today as special as possible, laugh a lot, hug a lot, get a years worth of loving soaked into every pore because tomorrow I leave for Chicago to attend a knitting convention (see what I mean about being busy) and then on Aug. 12th I head home to Nevada looking forward to my next visit with family in friends in July 2014.

Love to everyone....huggy, huggy and smooches to you.


Brenda Addison said...

Bless your heart. You will be in my prayers.

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thank you Brenda