Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Thoughtts Tuesday: Work In Progress

Journal Page in Progress
I was wracking my brain trying to think of some random thoughts for this week.  It has been a busy morning as I begin to restart my purging project.  I cleaned out and consolidated a couple of large plastic tubs and was wondering what to do with the empty tub.  I decided it was time to start my Christmas box (light bulb moment) and I thought why not use the empty tub to house the items.  What is a Christmas box you may ask?  It is a box where I place Christmas presents as I either purchase them or make them.  This year I am doing a combination of hand made and purchased.  Then I look at the item, think about the family and friends I want to give a gift to and find the perfect item.  It is really a lot of fun and I have not done it in years.

Why start the process again?  It has taken me a year to accept that my life has changed drastically.  I am now living on a fixed income in a very unstable economy.  I really like to travel so I have to do more saving and be wise with my spending.  Plus, I have developed talents that I need to share.

I am a real work in progress, though.  Knowing that I need to be more cautious and actually acting upon it is quite a different thing.  It really takes pushing the ego aside and embracing life in a very different way. Understanding that "things" are not the way to a happy life. 

The journal page above is also a work in progress.  The paint on the page is from cleaning my brayer between uses on my gelli plate,  I was making backgrounds on Deli Paper for inspiration cards that I was making,  I have not finished the page which is a shame really because it has been calling to me for sometime,

Radical Wellness another work in progress, I started this process in May and it is really good.  It's purpose is to be mindful of my self care and really look at how I treat myself and my health.  I have been off track since Mid-September and need to give myself a boost so I can continue on the journey.

Art Doodle Love journal.  I was faithfully working in my journal and now it just sits....I think I see a tear running down its page from neglect.  Another work in progress, one more thing to give some attention,

Oh, I say that I do not have time, which is not true.  I am retired for goodness sake.  I do not have enough, I have too much, Excuses, excuses, excuses.....  So, what is a girl to do?  Take each day and enjoy it, plan something special like Knitting Monday, Crochet Thursday, Jammie Saturday.  Enjoy the process and finish at least one work in progress.

Thanks for stopping by dear reader.  What are your WIP's (works in progress)?


The Biblical Fashionista...What are you wearing? said...

Lots of knitting stuff!

Angella Dee said...

love reading your random thoughts Glenda. It is good to keep busy but I also want to try everything and then leave most things half-done. I am on a quest to cut all other hobbies out for a while and just concentrate on my art. It is very calming. I am busy working on 100 "save the date" cards for my sons wedding. Each handmade card has a string of tiny handmade bunting on it - it is taking me forever to get them done!!!! lotsaluv

Glenda Hoagland said...

Angella, you are so very talented. I am so honored that you enjoy reading my random thoughts. take care