Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 4 to 10th

Beacon of Light Painting

January 4th:

Today was a lot of fun.  Went to the Crafting Place for the Mixed Media 201 Class.  Dee Dee Catron leads these classes and I will be attending when I can.  Today we learned about Tip-ins.  Tip-ins are pages added to and existing page in a journal to extend the area for drawing and journaling.  What makes this class so different?  The items used to bind the pages together.  We used antique lace ( I love this process - picture will be included) Paper doily, envelopes, tape.  When I got home I used a swatch of fabric as a binder and it was cool.

I am really thinking about how I want to spend my year arting.  I have some classes that I will work through and some that I probably will review but not do much art in because they just are not singing to me at the moment.  Who knows what I will feel like in March?  I will download the videos so I can  make my final decisions as I move through the year.

All of my favorite Christmas movies are gone for the year.  It is strange getting back to regular programming.

January 5th:

Was lector at morning Mass.  It always feels good to lector.  Pot of Chicken noodle soup on the stove and Christmas trees are coming down.  Back to "regular programming" in the house.  I will miss the lights.  Sitting in the dark house with the lights twinning brings me joy.  Oh well, time to move on.  Boy that soup really smells good.

January 6th:

After a great deal of internal conversation, began work on the Beacon of Light portion of the Lifebook 2015 project.  It is much easier said than done having the courage to paint and then share it. But start I did and boy did it feel good.

Religious Ed classes resumed today.  We will now be teaching the children about Holy Communion since they will be celebrating this wonderful experience later in the year.  12 young minds, 12 eager learners, such an exciting time.

January 7:

Finished Beacons of Light painting.  My 2nd painting of the year and first portrait.
It was really great to work on this project and see the finished result.

January 8:

Spent the day working on various art projects.  Start working on my Awesome Day Jar putting the first layer of collage on the jar and it looks good.  Was going to by a jar and then I found one at home that I could use. Falling into my use what you have theme for the year.

Met an arty friend and gave her some of my extra art supplies.  There is nothing like sharing.

January 9:

Started working on Document Life week 1 painting.  I have put this off, not thinking that I could do it, but I was wrong.  Today I collaged book pages on to the pages in my delusions journal.  the pages buckled and I was so disappointed.  I decided to let it dry overnight and put some binder clips on the edges to hold the pages straight.  I also made a journal for my Becoming you online class, it turned out really nice.  The entire day was spent creating.  I ended the day watching videos by Wyanne Thompson for a class I am taking with her "You and Me"  painting together.  By Sunday, I will be able to begin painting the first project.

January 10:

This morning I looked at the pages I collaged yesterday for DLP, wow drying overnight really made the difference.  The pages looked great.  Next step, used Golden liquid acrylic paint to put a wash over the page.  The color palette I chose was turquoise, magenta, yellow and light green.  White was used to tone down some of the colors.  It is looking good.  Next step will be embellishments and then put my intentions for 2015 in the pages.  Hope I can finish today, but it will probably be more like tomorrow.  We shall see.

Thoughts about the week:

It has been a good week.  Still learning to take it one day at a time.  I learned something really wise from Wyanne.   "There is always someone somewhere that will love what you create.  You may not love it, but someone will."  I needed that and it made me smile.  

Instead of being eager to start the new week, I am going to enjoy the rest of today, savor each moment.

Until later......pilgrim


Christine said...

Glenda -- you truly inspire me with your "dive-in-and-go-for-it" attitude. I wish we lived closer, I'd love to meet you for tea and maybe making some art together.

I hope 2015 is filled with beauty and creativity and countless blessings for you.

JackieP Neal said...

What a wonderful beginning to your new year Glenda!! Each day looks to have been a good one for you! One day at a time- yes!
And your beacon is beautiful!! She really is such a sweet girl- well done!!
I was wondering if you would like to be part of our community in google? I will send you an invite- check us out- we'd love to have you!
Enjoy your day! xoxo

Glenda Hoagland said...

Chris, it would be great if we lived closer, having tea and arting would be so much fun. Thanks for your kind words.

Glenda Hoagland said...

Jackie, please send the google invite and I will check it out. Have a really great week.

Vickers said...

I read happiness and that makes me happy! ❤️

Michele Unger said...

You are so wise. Just make the most of each precious moment. And yes! Someone does love your artwork! I love your artwork! What a great portrait. You've been a busy, creative girl and I have been (mostly) a sloth. Tomorrow, I'll start tomorrow!