Saturday, March 05, 2016

Secret Sisters are so Very Special Journal

Today's post is about a very special project in which I was a very willing participant.  It was a Secret Sister Art Swap.  I like these swaps because you get some really great items.  This time was out of the norm really.  When I received my secret sister's name, Paula, I studied her wish list very carefully.  I wanted to make sure that I understood her likes and got items that would fit her life and style.  Many of the items I sent I already had on hand, but there were some items that I purchased because they would make the adventure of opening the box really delicious.

I have been blessed to visit Paris and have a lot if Parisian ephemera that I was glad to share with my "sister".  Last year one of my very best friends gifted me with a year's worth of french ephemera.  Every month I received a letter with the best french items.  I shared one of the month's with my sister; but the best item I purchased was the Pug Mandala coloring book....Oh that book was a real hoot.

Today I received a box and knew it was from the person assigned to be my Secret Sister.  Well I was blown away when I realized that my Secret Sister was Paula......This was just a coincidence (remember there are no coincidences)  more to the point it was a God Wink.  Below are a few pictures I took of the items I received.....It has a Paris theme, but more important it was actually art created by my sister.  A journal that I need to complete, Gelli plate Crusty bits, Napkins which I absolutely love to use as an under layer in my art.  One of the napkins is an Owl Motif and Owl is my totem animal.  I am so verklempted and overjoyed.  When I took the photos I started to crop and eliminate the background "noise", but I realized that I am an artist and that is how my artist table looks, full of brushes, paper, paints; all tools of the trade.  So my new finds fit in perfectly.

Beautiful bag that I am going to use for my Real Brush markers, soap from Lush and special eraser

Journal created and painted by my sister

yummy page for me to create on

Another Yummy Page  have to future out what to do

Owl Napkin...I am in love

Gelli Print - Crusty Bits technique using Paula's Stencil girl stencil,,,super in love
Portrait drawn by Paula to paint and add to journal page.
Swaps are so much fun.  I love the opportunity to participate in  them.  Thank you to Paula, my secret sister for making my day.  I will cherish all of my "goodies" and try my best to enjoy the creative process working in the journals, coloring books and everything else.

Dear readers, if you have an opportunity to participate in a swap, please do so.  You will have so much fun.

Until next time......Pilgrim

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barb said...

What a great post, Glenda! Watching Paula open the package from you was soooo much fun. Reading your post was equally fun. ;-)

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks so much Barb