Thursday, March 09, 2017

#21Embody - Learning to draw the Body days 1-4

When you try to do something you have never done before, it is really a crap shoot.  I decided to participate in #21 Embody because my plan for this year is that if I sign up for anything new, it has to be free and this is a free challenge.  Plus, and this is significant, the concept was new to me.  Drawing singular body parts, I had never tried that and it is good to have in my artistic arsenal, especially for art journaling.  Below are my interpretation of the parts of the body for the first four days, the lungs, the heart, the back and bones.

I like what I have done mostly because I was willing to try.  I was thinking this morning that I may try collage for some parts.  That is exciting because collage challenges me and I want to improve.



The Back

Bones - Back Bone

see you tomorrow.....

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