Tuesday, November 02, 2010

An Up and Down Week

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you wished there was do over button?  Last week was that way for me.  It started last Sunday when I came down with some sort of bug and it was ugly.  I was able to enter my topic for the week and then it was down hill from there.  The topic was choices on Sunday the choice was if it would be a good idea to just find some way to put myself out of my misery.

Monday, still could not eat but had conference calls so had to make the choice to tough it out, good thing I work from home because I was not a pretty sight, nor my normally cheerful self (sniff, sniff).  Tuesday, ahhh,, this is what life feel like.  Feeling a lot better but still not 100 percent.  More conference calls and taught Religious Ed to 15 adorable 7 year olds.  Pretty much had to go to bed when I got home...pretty tired.

Wednesday,  I am now back among the living, made final preparations for MOM's meeting ( I was the lead facilitator).  Ate first real meal since Sunday, baked some chicken.  The meeting went well, but it was home to bed again.  Thursday...Busy day of meetings and conference calls.  How do you spell TIRED.

Friday,  conference call and then emergency assignment that required working on Saturday and Sunday.  Whew!   Needless to say, no blogging, no art work. 

So here we are at Tuesday and I just had a great conversation with myself.  If keep allowing things to get in the way, you will not blog and you will not complete art projects.  Not acceptable.  Not acceptable at all.

I have put things on the back burner for too long.  Things that make my heart sing.  Things that bring me joy and a smile to my face.  Choices, choices that make sense, choices to make time, choices to enjoy life, choices to live in the now.

Some choices we make are easy, some choices we make take time and some choices we make should have been left on the back burner. 

Part of my illnesss came from being overly tired and just plain wearing myself out.  I am not a spring chicken any more.  I have to slow down.  Choices.


Mardra said...

Excellent post. So appropriate – You’re right; finding-taking-making choices to do and be present for the life bits that “make your heart sing” are quite important! If balance was easy we’d all be trapeze artists, eh? Best Wishes!

fortysomethingfirsttimemum said...

It's our duty to ourselves to do what brings us joy! Once we are in this state, we can bring joy to others too! A great post.

Glenda said...

pilgrim10Thanks for your comments. Somedays I forget what it is like to "make my Heart sing". Somedays I even forget to just breathe.

Your comments give me courage to live.

Lynn said...

That's a very busy week even if you had been feeling well. I think we all long for a "do over button" at one time or another for one reason or another. Hope you can slow down and do the things that make your heart sing.

Converginghearts said...

I know what you mean! I wrote about not taking time off from the things we love, just like we would not skip work, but I don't follow my own advice. This week I skipped a blog, and I have not gone to the gym as much as I like. It's a work in progress.