Saturday, May 28, 2022

Thoughts about my 100 day project Experience

 The pictures above are some of my favorite cards made during the 100 day project.  I am so happy that I completed the project.  My goal for this year was to create 100 greeting cards.  I cut my own cards to the size of 5x7 on watercolor paper.  I learned some marvelous lessons;

1.  Hot Press watercolor paper is better for making cards.  It is smooth and pens perform better when outlining or doing line work

2.  Repeating a process for 100 days really enhances your skills.

3.  I became more adventurous as the days progressed.

4.  I prefer watercolor to acrylic when designing cards

5.  I actually learned a lot about layering and shadows

6.  You will get tired but you have to persevere.

7.  It helped me to stay focused and not jump from one project to another without completing anything

8.  I really have to stop doubting myself.

9.  I need to start writing poems again for cards, I used to do that and stopped

10.  I am so proud of myself.  Pat on the back

Was it worth committing to 100 days? Yes.  Will you do it again? Yes.

Until next time.....pilgrim

Sunday, March 20, 2022

100 day project week 5 March 14 to March 20

 It is hard to believe that it is week 5 of this challenge.  I have been keeping up and I am really happy about that.  This week I zeroed in on mark making.  What constitutes marks?  Lines, circles, words, small dots, you name it.  I made a card using music notes and they made great and intriguing marks.  

One thing I have to remember is that I am doing this to grow, so I cannot worry about perfection or coming up with something "great" to get comments.  Rather, I have to let my mind run free and develop ideas and a catalog that I can use to learn new techniques and grow.  Of course this is easier said than done.  You know how the ego is, but is my goal.  We will see if I how I feel at the end of 100 days.

Will I be more comfortable being vulnerable?  We shall see

until next week.......pilgrim

Saturday, March 12, 2022

100 Day Project Week 4 - March 6 to March 13


This week I used stencils to help design the cards created.  They are definitely experiments; but were so much fun to do.  I have many stencils I have never used.  It is time to figure out ways to make them my own.  Cut them up, use bits and pieces, whatever feels good is what I will do.  

until next week.....pilgrim

Saturday, March 05, 2022

100 Day Project Week 3 Feb. 27 to March 5 - Collage


Wee 3 of 100 day project has been completed.  This week was dedicated to collage cards.  I have to admit that I had some trouble with this because I wanted the cards to have a painterly look but with collage and cutouts.  I think I achieved it better on some than others.  The butterflies and birds actually look like paints but they are all cut and past items.  

Still thinking about a theme for week 4 which starts tomorrow, so I better think fast; however, I think I have it worked out with a smidge of hesitancy.  We shall see how it turns out.

Until next week.......pilgrim

Saturday, February 26, 2022

100 Day Project Week Feb. 20 to Feb. 26 Mid Century Modern Patterns


Days 8 through 14.  This was truly a test to see if Mid Century Modern Patterns I have worked on could translate to the Greeting Card Format.  I really think these patterns or something similar will be acceptable and will take my cards in a new direction.  It is good to branch out.  I think the cards made during these 100 days will form a catalogue of designs that I can use to inspire cards.

Until next week.....pilgrim

Saturday, February 19, 2022

100 day project Week 1 Feb 13 to Feb 19 2022


First Blog post of the 100 day project for 2022.  I had the idea to create Greeting Cards for my project.  Most of the cards I design are florals which I love.  However over the course of this challenge I want to try other designs.  What I have to remember is that every design may not be someone's cup of tea and that is Ok because my ultimate purpose is to grow and stretch outside me comfort zone.  

I love hand made cards which means I need to really develop a deep stash to have on hand.  

Thoughts on this week:
1.  I absolutely love working with black paper
2.  I want to experiment more with written thoughts on the card front
3.  I am developing a range of sizes from A2 to A7  
4.  Need to incorporate acrylic and gouache

Well that is all until next week

Take care Y'all.......pilgrim     

Saturday, January 08, 2022

Hello 2022


Good bye to the Village.

2022, a new year, new dreams, new challenges.  The village was dismantled today.  Tomorrow, Sunday, will be the commemoration of the Baptism of the Lord and the official end of the Christmas season in the Catholic Church.  Next week we enter Ordinary times.  As I stored the Village I felt like I was entering my personal ordinary time.  How will I spend this Ordinary time?  Will I write?  Will I draw and paint?  I plan to develop a three year Plan to prepare for my 75th birthday.  I was sitting and thinking about the future and realized how fast the 3 years will go by and I want to be intentional to make that a very special year.

I also want to be more consistent with writing on this Blog as a part of my creative process.

So hello 2022, so nice to see you, let's get started.

Until next time.....pilgrim