Friday, May 27, 2011

Creating through Cancer......

A couple of months ago I changed the background of this blog to reflect my creative side. I looked at it over time and did not like it. I tried to change it but the page for change would not open up. I was really bummed about that. Today I realize that this is the correct page background for this time in my life. It is colorful and cheerful. Over the next few months I will need this as a reminder to be colorful and cheerful.

You see, I have breast cancer in both breasts. It is in the early stages and highly treatable. I will undergo radiation therapy on both breasts at a minimum. Not sure about any other forms of treatment. I had a lumpectomy of the left breast on May 20th and will have a lumpectomy of the right breast soon. This way I can have radiation therapy at the same time on both breasts.

I plan to spend this summer creating; blogging and journaling about my experience. I find that sitting down and letting the creative juices flow is quite exhilarating. In fact it puts a smile on my face. I will be working on Christmas presents, perfecting background painting techniques and just plain having as much fun as possible.

There is no time to feel sad, Sure there are moments when I feel a little down, that is normal. What I refuse to do is let it control my life. I have had a good one and expect to continue in that vein. I have a lot of changes to make in my life over the next few months.....I don't really know what they are at the moment, but I am sure the Spirit will lead me, just like He led me to write today.

The picture today is part of a collection of post cards I created while at ArtFest in Port Townsend, Washington this year. I had so much fun creating and I plan to continue. So, for today, I am going to work on the Family Reunion Souvenier book, complete ATC's for by Badbaby monthly swap and complete the lapghan I have been working on for months.

Until next time......

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