Thursday, August 04, 2011

Life's changes

During the past week I have come to realize that I do not have to write a book to add thoughts to my blog.  What a relief.....I am taking the Art of Giving online class given by Regina Lord of Creative Kismet.  It is a 30 day class an we are creating an art journal.  The class is both thought provoking and a lot of fun.  I will post some of my pages later in the week.  So for today, I am posting a picture of tape that I made from adhive tape and alcohol inks.  With the Popularity of Japanese Washi take increasing, there have been a lot of suggestions to try and make your own tape.  I did and it was fun.

I promised myself in April, that I would spend this summer creating and so far I have been doing just that.  It is time to put all the techniques I have learned throughout the years to good use.  I am also keeping a word of the day journal.  I have the cutest little book called a Mnemosyne (bought it from and each morning when I sign on to the computer for work, I right down the first word that comes to mind.  Next I have to go back and decorate the pages.

Art tool I used today that I have had for a long time:  Xyron 150 Create a Sticker machine.  Oh man, I made my own stickers and used them.  Now I need to make more.  Hmmmm this will save me money.

Well, until next time.  Let me know what you are thinking.

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