Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thank You Beautiful Lady

For as long as I can remember I have loved my Aunt Vera.  In fact I used to say "when I grow up I want to be just like Aunt Vera."  She is my Mother's only sister and her elegance is mesmerizing. 

Aunt Vera is an artist.  Her work exhibits her quiet elegance and for over 30 years she taught art in the Detroit Public School System.  Each year she worked to help arrange an exhibition for students at the Institute of Arts in Detroit.  She taught her students to love drawing, painting and collage.

We never really talked about art when I was a child, I just watched from the sidelines and could see how much she loved what she did.  She was the first person I knew who actually loved her job.

 On Aug. 4, 2006 my mother died quite suddenly and my aunt and I comforted each other.  Again with her quiet elegance we shared Thanksgiving dinner (it has been a custom for her and my mother to go to dinner on Thanksgiving and the first one after her death was especially hard). One of her paintings hung in my mother's house. When I sold the house, she asked if she could have it back since the spirit of her sister permeated its pores.

May 2007 I moved to Nevada-I just needed a change of scenery.  At Christmas that year I sent my Aunt a card I had made.  She called me and I will never forget the words "Girrrrlllll, you are truly an artist..."  Those words were so special to me---My beloved Aunt Vera appreciated my work.

During the past 4 years we have had many discussions about art and various techniques.  I send her samples of my work (Mother's day cards, Birthday cards, etc) and she continues to praise and validate me.

As I said earlier I always wanted to be like my Aunt, encouraging, loving, artistic and wise.

I love her deeply and will never forget the quiet lessons she taught me.

The picture today was painted by yours truly in October 2010.  My first attempt at still life, I can thank Aunt Vera for the courage to try.


suzanne said...

am here from regina's class...what a beautiful post! look forward to reading though your blog. :) sending sunshine...

HELP THE BEAR! said...

WOW! One never knows creativity until one attempts at art work. Glenda, you are a budding star as your Aunt Vera. Keep it up. No one knows how far you can go with it except you and your God.