Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Well I will be a Blue Nosed Gopher!!!!

I said that statement and had to laugh at myself.  Why did I say, "Well I will be a Blue Nosed Gopher?"  I am in the process of organizing my office/art studio.  I have so much stuff, excuse me, Art Supplies and I need to get some order.  I was placing and order for some storage drawers and decided to order a new set of drawers because the ones I have now are pretty rickety.  I found a good price for the drawers and as I was getting ready to click the add to cart button---my brain had the following conversation:

"Hey let's try and remove the wheels, maybe it will be steadier."  Right brain said "Sounds like a pretty good idea to me."  So off I went, moved all of the drawers, turned the cart over and the wheels would not budge.  Left brain:  Let's get something to pry them off."  Right Brain:  'Good thinking" (right brain is always so agreeable).  I run to kitchen drawer and get a screw driver because it is pretty heavy duty and may do the job.  The I look at the screws holding the cart together, "Hmmm, Left brain says, they seem a little loose, wonder what will happen if I tighten them?"  "Let's try", said right brain.

So I take the screw driver and start to tighten the bolts on the top and bottom, as I torn the screw driver the cart gets really steady.  You have to understand I have had this thing for nearly ten years and it has wobbled for that long, not once did left brain speak up.  To make matters work, I have two of them. Today I had decided to get new carts and throw the rickety ones out because I was fed up with them.  The more I tightened the sturdier it got, who knew?  When I finished  I exclaimed "Well I will be a Blue Nosed Gopher" and laughed.  In normal fashion, it takes me a while to get a clue.

I am happy, I love my cart and after I finished this post, letft brain has informed me that we need to do the same thing to the other cart  Hmmmm..... time to get busy.  The picture today is of my now beloved and colorful cart.


danceswithtrees said...

Ha ha, Glenda!! I'm so glad your cart problem is solved! LOL! i have the exact same cart. my problem is that my drawers won't stay in their little grooves. i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they are loaded to the hilt! Now, I'm going to try to tighten up my loose screws....on my cart, not in my head...altho they could use it too, but a screwdriver won't do it....and see if that solves my problem too! BTW...nice flower page...good job with the painting! Love, Lorna

Glenda said...

Lorna, tightening the screws solved the drawer.problem also. The screws call for an Allen wrench. Take care my friend