Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Let the Fun Times Begin!!!!!

The time has come......ArtFest time is here. 7 am flight to Seattle. Hang out at airport, then shuttle to Fort. I will chronicle my time if I get a chance. If not, I will post on Sunday night. Cheerio and smooches everyone.

Monday, March 12, 2012

ArtFest is almost here

I have to get this thought out.  ArtFest is coming.....I have my plane ticket and at 7:00 am on March 28th I will be flying to Seattle.  I am arriving early because I like to stay a few hours to explore prior to 2 pm when the shuttle leaves for Port Townsend and the Fort.

I am going to take the Monorail from the Airport to see where it goes.  I think I am just going to ride to one end and then make the return trip so I can get back in time.  Since I am a bus person, this should be fun.

My trades are made and boxed up, I have completed the majority of the gifts for dormmates and some special friends.  My supply box will be closed tomorrow morning, no last minute stuff for me.

This is the last ArtFest and I plan to immerse myself in the entire process, I will be taking plenty of pictures so I can remember what wonderful times I have had.  For year I put off coming to ArtFest for one reason or another.  They were not really valid reasons, more fear than anything else.  But....when I treated myself to ArtFest for my 60th birthday, my artistic and creative life blossomed and I have never looked back.

This is not to say I was not creative prior to attending ArtFest, because I was. I have made greetings cards since 1984 with some success.  However my creativity has moved to a new level, I am working with other medium and enjoying the process.  Making trades and sharing the work with others is really major for me and I have become more adventurous over time.  I have participated in ATC swaps and taken on-line classes.  I often worry if people will like my work and that can hinder me.  But I realize that, it is what I think that means the most.  I will know in my gut if something works or not.

Plus, I have a new motto if someone does not like what I give them, they can always through it out.  This keeps me from needless worry.  I sincerely appreciate the effort and artistry of my fellow creative spirits.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there and I applaud everyone who tries.

Artfest is a little over 2 weeks away......I am so excited and humbled.