Wednesday, May 23, 2012

UFO'S--Unfinished Objects

Isn't this the cutest little sweater?  It took me 2 years to complete it.  Why?  For a few reasons really, I told myself I could not knit a sweater, I put it in a bag and forgot about it, I told myself I could not knit a sweater, I was busy with health issues and other pressing projects, did I mention that I told myself that I could not knit a sweater?

I am a scarf officianado.  I can knit the most beautiful scarves, I can crochet one heck of a granny square afghan and now I can actually knit a sweater.  Ok, it is a miniature sweater for a little bear, but it is still a sweater and I finished it on May 21, 2012.  I was going through my knitting basket looking for projects that I need to finish.  I am dedicating this summer to completing UFO's.  I finished a scarf that I will show in another blog. I finished a crocheted coin purse and then I picked up the bag.
"Hmmm, what is this?" I asked myself as I looked into the bag, "Oh my goodness, it is the sweater for the little bear.  Guess I will try to finish it."  All that was left was completing the front panel and sewing it together.  I read the directions incorrectly and had to rip out a part of it twice, but I got it done.  "How am I going to fit in the sleeves", I thought.  I googled in sewing in knitted sleeves, watched a video and proceeded to work, it was really easy after I got the hang of it.

INTRODUCING BEE BEE Wearing his new sweater

Sitting on his regal throne is BEE BEE.  Bee Bee is wearing the sweater I finished.  Isn't he dashing?  This gentlebear, dear reader, is the new mascot of the Blankets and Bears program sponsored by St. Thomas More Catholic Community Church.  For the past few years I have had the honor of working as co-chair for this ministry which provides Blankets and Bears to children and adults in need of love and care. Last year we prepared over 600 packages for two shelters who help families in need.

How did I meet Bee Bee?  He was the last bear on the table 2 years ago and tears were streaming down his little face.  You see, he had no clothes, someone had stripped him of his sweater and no one wanted him.  My friend Debbie, who created this wonderful volunteer opportunity with her family and shared it with my church, gave him to me and asked me to make him a sweater.  Did I mention that I did not think I could make a sweater?  So my poor boy was a fixture on my bed for the past two year waiting for his sweater.  And now he has one.

I am so excited, everytime I look at Bee Bee it is as though he is saying, "you are my hero, I knew you could do it."  I am proud that I finally shut off the negative chatter in my brain and got busy.  What is my next challenge on the knitting front?  I hear you asking, it is Cables because I have been telling myself "I can't make cables, they look to complicated."  We shall see how long it will take for me to conquer this fear, stay tuned.

No matter how small the steps or how long it takes......change every I Can't into a resounding I CAN.

Hoping we meet somewhere on the journey....Pilgrim


Regina said...

Awwww, a beautiful little, teeny sweater and Bee Bee does look quite dashing in it.

You can knit a sweater! and U are very AMAZING!

{[hugs]}, Regina

mothertiger said...

Bravo!! Very well done!! See nothing is impossible, sometimes we just need a little time.

Melly Testa said...

Of course you can, all in due time. Bee Bee is very cute and oh so dating.

kt40s said...

He looks so at home and cozy. Yes to the I cans! this post made me smile.

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks everyone my little buddy is still sitting in his seat of honor

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks everyone my little buddy is still sitting in his seat of honor