Monday, October 01, 2012

A Preview of Things to Come - My Italian Adventure

It occured to me that I do not have to wait until I have everything just right inorder to begin to post about my trip to Italy.  Blog posts do not have to have 5 million words.  It is 2 am Pacific time and I am up, it will take a few days for my body to adjust.  I fell asleep at 5 pm and slept until 11:30 pm, now I am wide awake so here we are:

Snippets of my trip in Pictures:

Rustic Tower in Orvieto

Painted Cactus one of the pictures I used during class. I loved it.

Scrumptions dinner in Rome, hand made sausage and Pasta with
Meat Sauce - Yum

Teacher and Friend, Tracie Huskampf, such a kind spirit.
I will never be the same after this trip.  More on that later/
Suffice it to say, I had a lot of fun.


The Creative Beast said...

Just from the photo snippets you have shared here, it's plain to see that you DEFINITELY won't be the same after a tip like that =-)
And you don't have to use 5 million words to describe your experience when the images are helping to tell you story for you...I hope you will share a few more images here!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Dearest Glenda...I miss you so very much! I miss our group! I am reliving our trip in so many ways...wearing the beautiful perfumes from Orvieto and Venice, eating Biscotti, drinking Babington tea from my Florian tea cup, wearing a simple glass bead necklace from Murano and silver rings from Rome. Remembering we are " Lazy People" and Ernesto's Revenge... knowing that serendipity brought us together and friendship forever binds us!