Sunday, March 10, 2013

A voice bursting forth

The pictures below are of work I painted at An Artful Journey.  I learned a lot about myself on this retreat, things I will be sorting out for quite a while.  Self doubt has been my constant companion for years.  As hard as I have tried to overcome it, the nagging feelings stayed just below the surface.  Now, now I know what was missing.  Intention.  When we set out to do anything, we must first clearly understand what the real intention is for the actions we are about to execute.

Last weekend I clearly understood what I wanted to accomplish.  I love making backgrounds to use in books and on cards.  Manipulating paper, discovering color really make me happy.  I am not a binder of complicated books, the more simple the better.  I am a designer of greeting cards and I love it.  So, that is what I looked for during class, how could the paper I painted become the basis for a card?  Below are two pictured so paper I painted and made into accordion books (told you simple).  

I will be writing and posting more over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.