Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random Thoughts.....Using What You Have

I read a post this morning by Danny Gregory (http://dannygregory.wordpress.com/author/dannygregory/.  You should go and read it, it is very good.

This post started my mind churning, thinking about what I have been doing lately.  I am currently in Michigan visiting family.  I packed a limited amount of art supplies for the trip.  If an outsider were to look at my "stash" it would seem like I brought the house with me, but it is really just a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I participated in Doodle Camp from July 8th to the 12th and found that with imagination and letting go you can make do with what you have.  You can also learn to use those items more creatively.  I am now really comfortable with using a watercolor brush.  This really neat tool is great for traveling, you fill the barrel with water and paint away with your watercolors.  I have used Tombow watercolor markers for years but never to their full potential.  The colors are so rich when scribbled on watercolor paper and activated with a watercolor brush.

I cut squares of freezer paper and used them as a really inexpensive and easy to carry palette (saw this idea on pinterest).  I took my water soluble crayons and colored on the palette and then activated it with water from a mini spray bottle.  whoo boy the colors are so vibrant and I solved the problem of writing over the painted area.  You see  these crayons are waxy and when you color directly to your paper and then wet them, they leave a waxy film.  If you want to write over it, your options can be limited.  BUT......if you rub them on the palette paper and then activate, the act just like any other watercolor and can be written on with anything.  Of course a lot of people probably know about this, but it is news to me and what makes it more pleasing is that I was willing to experiment and try something new.

One other aspect of my art that I have found interesting is the color palette I have developed.  I find that I am liking vibrant colors, reds, oranges, turquoise are so yummy.  It is so fun to paint backgrounds for future work and these colors as a base just sing to me.  Plus that is pretty much what I have with me in various shades and hues. 

Since January of this year, I have been really exploring my creativity and Using what you have has been buzzing in my head for quite some time.  But it was more of a "suggestion" rather than a must do for me.

Now "Use what you have" has taken on a whole new meaning.  I will be taking a class Mastering Twinkling H2O 101 when I return home in August.  I purchased some Twinks, but I have some paints in pots called Angel wings (this may not be absolutely right because I can never remember off the top of my head).  They are little cakes of shimmering paints similar to twinks, so I figured I would use them as well as the Twinkling H2O's.  Colors are just as vibrant and they have the same shimmering quality.  We shall see how it works.

Using what I have has been a learning experience and it makes so much sense.  Why make life harder than it has to be?  Well those are my random thoughts for today..

Peace to you dear reader, thanks for stopping by.


Angella Dee said...

Really enjoyed this post of yours Glenda it has so inspired me. I find that I am always more creative when I have less options, less supplies, less time etc etc. I loved Danny's post too. Thanks for being an inspiration. I hope that you are really enjoying your creative time! much love.

Paula said...

Hi Glenda,
I'm looking forward to reading more of these Tuesday posts! I know exactly what you mean about it looking like I've brought my entire art room. I've been intent on using up some of my own personal store (Well, it looks like that, anyway!) as well as using found materials. Like I need to find anything, LOL! You've given me some great tips here!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Angella and Paula, thanks so much for the comments and stopping by. I am really trying to be more present with my blog, actually it is really fun to see the comments and know that I am touching someone with my words.

Blessings to you both

Emie58 said...

Thanks for the tip about using freezer paper for a pallet.. and I didn't know about the water soluble crayons either. So a huge Thank YOu!!!
I am also trying to do with what I have on hand... it's good to know there are other people trying the same things!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Emie I am so glad the information was helpful. I tried something else yesterday, I rubbed the crayon into the well of the white plastic palette and wet it. You can get multiple uses.

The Creative Beast said...

This was a great post - I loved reading about the artful techniques you are trying out and they are new to me too, so you are not alone!

I also loved the link to Danny Gregory's blog post - it was definitely a helpful post for me as I have been struggling with some artful issues lately...I hope to see some of the works you have created while visiting family with said techniques!