Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ramdom Thoughts Tuesday on Wednesday - Making the Most of Life

Today is Wednesday, I forgot to post yesterday.  OOPS!!!!  Anyhoo.  In the past two days two very important things have happened.

On Tuesday I went to a funeral.  My friend Sheryl lost her beloved father in a tragic motorcycle accident.  William Spellman was a very special man and much loved.  I learned that he was born in Michigan which makes him very special to me.  He was a lover of Notre Dame (ok, I will allow him that indulgence), a lover of his daughters and his grandchildren.  He has one grandson, Jacob, who looks so much like him it is uncanny.  

I spent the rest of yesterday thinking about how precious life is and that we have to do everything that we can to make it as pleasant and useful as possible.  I know that William did just this. He enjoyed life to the fullest and his love of humanity is very evident in his close knit and loving family.  I met his aunt and uncle at the reception after the meeting, we had a long and enjoyable conversation.  Thinking of them now smile they lived in Michigan, New Jersey, Florida and currently Las Vegas, they live a great life and were so pleasant.

I came home humbled and resolved to continue my goal to live my life to the fullest.

Today, Wednesday, I had my annual checkup with my breast surgery oncologist.  Leading up to the visit is always a little nerve wracking as you do not know what the results of the mammogram will reveal.  Thankfully the mammogram was clear.  No change in the past year.  Thank You Lord.  I have been on this journey for 2 years.  My last Radiation treatment was October 11, 2011 so I am coming up on my 2 year anniversary.  Again my thoughts moved to making the most of the time I have left on this earth.  I sincerely believe that having a positive attitude and doing the things that you love have a very healing affect on ones life.  At least in my case it is working.  I find that my desires and needs are changing.  I am in need of slowing down so that I can truly enjoy those things that mean the most to me, what I find is becoming my passion.

Dear reader, tomorrow is not guaranteed.  What you do today may be that last thing that you do, what do you want it to be.  you may not get a chance to say I love you tomorrow----say it today.  You may not be able to forgive tomorrow---forgive today.  You may not be able to say THANK YOU tomorrow--say it today.

Dear Reader, Love, forgive and say thank not put it off any longer.

So...I love you, forgive myself and say thank you for stopping by.


kt40s said...

glenda love to you! thank you for writing out this post it made me thankful to have stopped by i needed the reminder how each day is so special and the people in are lives are gifts sometime i get so busy i forget this.

Dawn H said...

So Love the way you ended this post. We have been having a "Sisters Weekend" every year now for 4 years, I missed last years, as we planned a surprise visit to my elderly parent in laws at Christmas. This year my sisters came to me (I usually go to Michigan) It was "PRICELESS"! Each time, we realize just how special that time together is! Thanks for sharing!!