Saturday, April 05, 2014

Learning to Have Fun

The painting above was such fun to do.  I am posting this to start a series of blog articles about a journey towards having fun.  I have been so serious about my art, trying to be perfect and accepted.  Through it all if forgot to accept my art myself and to have fun.

This painting started out as an abstract painting assignment as part of the Painting Faces Online class taught by Judy Wise.  Katie Kendrick highly recommended this class so I decided to put all other online classes on hold for the month of April and concentrate on this class.  It was the best decision, but back to the painting above.  After making marks on the page, putting an initial layer of paint, covering that layer with clear gesso and finger painting with more colors, I sat to look and see what spoke to me.  I saw two big eyes (I seem to have something with eyes), anyway, I drew in the eyes and realized that what I wanted to draw was a clown and it morphed from there.  Drawing and painting on the diagonal made the clown look like he was falling, so I decided to give him a hat that was falling off.  I laughed as I was painting, it made me happy, so happy that I am going to get it framed.

Each morning when we get a new assignment, I have to have a serious talk with myself.  "Glenda we are going to have fun today.  If you need to play that video 100 times, you will get the technique."  I have my own style, it is being perfected and this new found zest for fun and enjoyment is spreading to other areas of my life and my art.  I am smiling as I write this because this all falls into my plan of preparing for my 65th birthday….a monumental time that will be filled with joy and wonder.

Next in this series will the Calla Lilies that became tulips..It is a blockbuster

Until next time…..pilgrim