Monday, May 19, 2014

Coming to Thoughts Along the Way - Margo Dill

Hello Dear Readers.......

How are you this morning, I hope that it is bright and Sunny in your neck of the woods.  Exciting news here on the blog..on Wednesday, May 21st.  I will have a guest blogger.   Her name is Margo Dill and she is an wonderful author of young adult books.  I am so excited (isn't that normal for me),  anyhoo, I am so excited because this marks the first time I have had a guest Blogger on my site.

How did I meet Margo?  A few years ago I took an ecourse through Women on Writing (WOW). The course was taught by Margo and was about keeping a blog.  I have used many of the tips from the lesson here on my blog, such as writing reviews of books for friends, finding a focus and blogging quite often.  Over the past two years, my blog has greatly improved.  I now have 54 followers (although I still would like to have 100 by the end of the year).

I will post another reminder tomorrow for you to come and visit my blog on Wednesday, May 21st.  I am in the process of reading Margo's new book and will probably post a review in my Random Thoughts Tuesday post on May 27th.  So a lot is happening on the blog here in Henderson.

Until tomorrow peace and love.....pilgrim

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