Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 4 of Staycation: ICAD 22-28

Dear Reader.....

Week 4 of the Staycation and ICAD is done.  Time is going by so fast but I am having a good time.  Below are the Index cards from this week.  Enjoy.

Beach Umbrella
#22 Chlllin' on the Beach

 #24 Brown
Wonky Houses painted on Index card and crinkled deli paper

# 23 Star Wars
# 25 Maple Leaf
Leaves Traced and painted with shades of Orange background shades of green

# 26 Magnifying Glass
In memory of my Mom who had a magnifying mirror that she used to apply her make up as a child I loved that mirror
#27 Album Cover
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon I have always loved this album cover so I set out to draw and paint it
the black is black gesso and the other colors are acrylic paint pens  this was fun because I was determined to have it look just like the cover and I came really close.  I find I like doing linear drawings,  Who knew.

#28 Robot
I have been really letting my mind go with the prompts.  I had to give my robot a name and a purpose; introducing Servibot and Service is its goal coming someday to an IKEA near you.  Servibot has real fashion sense and personality.

Well, that is the week 4 dear reader, Please feel free to leave a comment, it can get lonely here in this laptop.

Until next time......pilgrim

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

End of Week 3 of Staycation

Candy Wrapper 


Harry Potter

Pattern Repeat

ICAD week 3 final four cards with prompts related to Candy Wrappers, the color Orange, Harry Potter and pattern repeats.  I had fun making these.  I find that I love using the 4x6 size index card.  It gives me more space to create.

Candy Wrapper:  I used the wrapper from candy I got in China last year, I used a base of chinese newspaper and then collaged on the candy wrapper.

The color Orange:  A few of the participants used Orange County California to reflect orange.  I got curious about the number of counties in the USA that are called Orange County.  I like how the card turned out and I found 8 counties named Orange County

Harry Potter:  I have never read one word of a Harry Potter book or seen a movie.  I wondered where he lived so I looked it up and drew a rendition of a map I found, that was really a hoot to do.

Pattern Repeat:  I am trying to learn how to use my stencils without having the paint bleed and so it was so fun to use the Stencil Girl Stencil I won last week on this card.

I have found that I like coloring the cards at least the initial layer with ink from stamp pads applied with sponges,  The paper does not buckle and I like that.

Week 3 was a really good week, relaxed, read, cleaned the art room and just enjoyed life

until next week........pilgrim

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 18 of Summer Staycation

ICAD 17/61 Map of Venice and keep sakes from trip

ICAD 18/61 Miss Lucy loves Polka Dots

ICAD 16/61 Using stickers - 

Hello Dear Reader,

The three photos above represent ICAD efforts for this week.  Today is day 18 of my staycation.  I was thinking about  my idea of having a stay at home art retreat and what that looks like.  Let me give you a glimpse of today.

I am in the process of purging as I try to simplify my life.  I tell you it is just amazing the amount of things once can collect overtime.  I want to create and altar and a sacred space but I felt that I could not do it until I removed some of the clutter physically and spiritually.  It feels so good to release.

Then I worked on ICAD for today (will post it on Saturday).  I decided to post the three cards from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  They were so much fun.  At 6 pm I watched a U-stream live presentation of painting backgrounds that was really great.  

Read a post on Facebook about a speech my friend Katie Kendrick delivered in 2012 in Seattle. It was like sitting in the class with her in Los Gatos at An Artful Journey.   I remember how I felt as we prepared each day to paint, calling on the spirit to guide me as I made marks on the substrate and open me up to let my essence flow on the canvas.  Wow it was so deep and in the end, the resulting paintings brought me to tears because I could not believe that the work had come from me.

Then I watched a video by Katie on collage.  I found it on Pinterest and immediately pinned it as it was a great tutorial.  

What a day, what a day.  It was truly a day of creativity,  of peace and I just love this staycation.

Please feel free to leave a comment, it is so encouraging.

until next time....pilgrim

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Staycation - End of week 2

Day 11 - Mixed Up Alphabet

Day 8 Mandala

Day 11 Camera

day 12 Paisleys

Day 13 Book Reviews

Day 14 - Magenta

Week 2 of the Staycation is coming to and end.  This was a week of mixed feelings.  Not about the staycation, I am truly loving it.  It has been a really relaxing time so far.

The mixed feelings come from if it is worth it posting art or writing a blog at all.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there and I wonder if it is really worth it.  I think a lot of artists feel this way at one time or another.  I think the feelings came from trying to be perfect in an imperfect world.  So I just had to get quiet and regroup.

I did not work in my Index cards for a couple of days, watched some art videos for inspiration and took a nap.  Lo and behold it worked.  I started working on my cards and loved the boldness of the colors, and the ideas I had.  I noticed that my cards this year have much more freedom than last year.
I am using a larger card (4x6) and experimenting with supplies that I have.

What else did I do this week.  Tried the Oprah Chai at Starbucks, it is soooo good.  Had a great visit with a friend at Starbucks, visited Premium Outlet Mall on Thursday, had a really great Small church Community session on Tuesday evening.

Week three starts on Sunday, excited to see what this week will bring.  The prompts for ICAD are interesting, but I do want to try coming up with some of my own ideas.  We shall see.

Oh, more groovy news.  I won a price from Marjie Kemper.  She is celebrating her 600th blog post and had a random giveaway.  So happy to win some really cool art products.  Will post a picture when they arrive.

Looking forward to having an arty week.

Until later....pilgrim

Monday, June 09, 2014

Day 8 and 9 of Staycation -

Hand made post card
ATC type cards

Day 8 of Staycation was great.  Busy day at church helping with the Pastoral Council election and participating in the last Mystagogia class for the newly baptized and confirmed.

Then I went to Desert Art supply for the ATC swap.  I miss understood how the swap was supposed to work (other attendees did too).  I thought we were going to make cards to swap and I brought my cute little bag with my travel art supplies.  Trust me I was prepared to create.  Well that is not was was happening, people brought completed cards.  Some were photo copies which I think does not really make them ATC's but I was not going to burst their bubble.  What to do, what to do, panic was not allowed.  I simply pulled out my supplies, my collage pieces, glue and other necessities and proceeded to make 4 ATC's that were traded.  I did not have an opportunity to take pictures because they went too fast.  I will post the cards I got in return tomorrow.  But, it was so much fun and I was amazed at how quickly I worked within the patriotic theme.  The pictures above are representations of other ATC type cards and post cards I have made in the past.

I forgot just how much fun they are to make.

Day 9.  worked on ICAD number 8 - Mandala and 9 Alphabet.  I struggled with the Mandala because I was not confident in my ability to draw Mandala.  Then the lightbulb went off.  I have rubber-stamps that are representations of Mandalas.  O joy, O joy.  I stamped my little heart away this afternoon.  I have to paint the cards and it will be complete. I sometimes forget about using my stamps and stencils in my art.  I have to get better at using all of my tools.

Until tomorrow....pilgrim

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Day 7 of Staycation - ICAD week one done

Week one of my Staycation is done and what a fine week it was.  Got a lot accomplished art wise and will be spending the rest of the evening planning for next week.

Below are two pictures of the ICAD's done this week. First picture is Day 1 thru 4
Day 1:  Prisms
Day 2: Circus related
Day 3: My name is and I printed my name in many languages
Day 4:  Puzzle

Second Picture is Day 5 thru 7

Day 5: Galaxy
Day 6: Nail Polish
Day 7:  Yellow using a Stencil Girl Club stencil from the May offering

Until tomorrow....pilgrim

Friday, June 06, 2014

June 6 - Day 6 of Staycation - Busy Day

Goodies for ATC Swap

Today was pretty busy.  Had a little shopping to do and get back home before noon to beat the heat.  The picture above are of the items I am going to use to make Artist Trading Cards at the Snack, Snip and Swap affair at Desert Art Supply this Sunday June 8th.  It is going to be so much fun.  I am going to deconstruct some of the items and so that I can use pieces on my cards.  It is a patriotic theme.

Made more cards today and found cards that I had made previously when I went on a card making marathon.  Can you say forgot where I put them.  Well now I have about 20 cards made more than enough to mail out.

Painting lesson today was using how to create depth on a small space.  I used Derwent Inktense Pencils.  The trick is to use colors in the same family, use the light color first, then outline with the darker color, use the paint brush to pull the color from the edge toward the center, then smooth over with the light color.  I have to say that it works and I love the process.

Going to spend the evening watching one of the videos from the Studying with the Masters Class I am taking.  Tonight, Matisse.

Until tomorrow......pilgrim

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Day 5 Staycation - A card is born

Hand Painted Sun Flower

Need to remember to sign my Card.  Today was another great day.  I sat on my porch this morning in the cool breeze, it was really nice and I think I am going to make it a ritual.  I watched a couple of instructional videos including one on how to draw and paint the flower you see above although I think I went a little overboard with the leaves.  I do like the shading and learned some great tips about that.

I have three cards made now and that is a good thing, have a few more to make but I think I am over the "they may not be good enough" hump.  You would think after 30 years of making cards the inner critic would have packed up, but no such luck.  I think I know why.  For a long time I have wanted to draw my cards, but I had myself convinced that I could not draw.  I mean phobia convinced.  So I did a variety of things to make cards.  I used copyright free images, traced them and then colored them with watercolor markers, I used rubber stamps and colored them.  I started going to art retreated in order to learn how to paint backgrounds.  I learned how to draw faces (got a little sidetracked from my original purpose) and just did a lot of things.  But the nagging inadequacy would not leave. 

What has caused me to rethink my abilities, to at least try? For the past year and a half I have participated in ICAD and in a few card swaps.  I have participated in a project called love notes where you can make post cards or cards and send them to your pen pal.  I participated in Art Doodle Camp and NANOJOMO(national journal month) and a few other things which allowed me to just have fun drawing and painting.  Along the way I discovered I could draw, I did have a style and it was fun. 

I still struggle with insecurities, but now instead of letting the art supplies sit and gather dust, I am using them. Believe me when I tell you have a 30 year collection of supplies. Bet I could open a store. But that is for another life.

Today was a good day.  Have to work on my ICAD #5 and get in bed a little earlier tonight.

Until tomorrow.....pilgrim

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June 4 - Day Four of Staycation A day at the Park

Legacy Park, Henderson, NV

Legacy Park on Wednesday Morning

First attempt at pen and Ink

Today was a productive day.  Wanted to sit in the park before I went to church.  At 7:00 am there was a cool breeze and I wanted to take advantage of that.  I sat on the bench knitting and the cutest little dog came to visit.  His name was Lucky.  His buddy could not be out done, Shadow was his name.  He came and sat next to me as if he wanted a knitting lesson.  Great way to start my day.

After church I worked on ICAD number 4 and I like the results although it was time consuming.  Worked in my journal.  Put black gesso in a couple of pages (I love black gesso).  Collaged some pages and then worked on the Pen and Ink portrait above.  I have never worked in Pen and ink before.  There is no erasing, so you have to commit to every stroke.  Pretty pleased with my first attempt.

Watched a couple of tutorials for the educational part of my at home art retreat.  One video by Barbara Gray demonstrated how you can use rubber stamps on the gelli plate.  I was blown away.  I shared the link on Facebook for any Gelli plate users.

Tomorrow is the first day this week I will be able to stay home all day, so I hope I can really get some arting going and make the cards I need to make. Send positive thoughts folks, I need to make the cards. I want to learn how to do abstract painting.  Will try to find some instructions on you tube.

That is all for today.  Had a great time and feeling accomplished.

Until tomorrow...pilgrim

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

June 3, Day 3 of Staycation

Staycation "Travel" Journal

Day 1 and 2

When you travel, it helps to have a journal to document all of the events.  A couple of nights ago as I was thinking about this staycation, I realized that I needed to have a  "travel" journal.  The book above was made last summer.  It is made of 3 signatures using junk mail, specifically all of the ads I received advertising election qualification.  As I said, junk mail. The pages are painted and primed with gesso and acrylic paint.  Some will be collaged and I will be adding flip outs on some pages.

I find that I am letting my imagination run wild with this journey and it feels good. 

Ok, what did I do today?  I started my 3rd ICAD with the prompt hello my name is.  I had the brilliant idea to look up hello my name is in various languages and put them on the card.  I will post a weeks worth of index cards on Saturday so watch this space.

Had a doctor's appointment today, my 6 month check up with my medical oncologist. She is very pleased with my progress. So far cancer is still in remission, although I have to go for my mammogram in August and that will really tell the tale.  My white blood count has risen ever so slightly, it is still low but is showing improvement and Dr. Alison was very happy.  I have had blood problems all of my life, but because of the cancer, Dr. Alison wants to keep an eye on it.  What I have, thalassemia is a blood disorder common in African, middle eastern and South East Asian cultures.  As long as I take my vitamins and eat reasonably well it will not cause any problems, I really need to start eating more beets that is what I had to do as a child.

I took a long nap and boy did it feel good.  My round gelli arts plate came today so I have to play with it.  Hmm, let's see what else. I thought about a ritual started by Michelle, Jenny and I while at An Artful Journey.  In the evening after the days events we would go back to the cabin and have tea or hot chocolate.  It was fun to sit and talk and have our hot drink.  So tonight I am going to make a cup of tea (or maybe a glass of Iced Tea, it is still in the 90's here), and make plans for tomorrow.  This will become a nightly ritual.

Well have to get up early tomorrow, I am lector at 8:30 Mass and I want to sit in the part for a few minutes before Mass. 

So, until tomorrow....pilgrim

Monday, June 02, 2014

June 2 - Day 2 of Staycation

Day 2 has been great.

Went to church this morning  and then Starbucks for Chai tea.  They are selling Oprah Chai so I think I will try it on Friday.

Started working on my Lifebook art projects, I am so far behind, but that is the purpose of this staycation, to do art everyday and have fun.  This is lesson 6 which is practicing with spray inks and leaving white space on the canvas.  This is a work in progress may finish it tomorrow, not sure.  Once I get this painting where I like it I will start on part 2.

Also completed day 2 of ICAD, it was a hoot.  One more task before I go to bed, start working on my "travel" journal.  No cation is complete with out a journal to capture the essence of the "trip".

until tomorrow....


Sunday, June 01, 2014

June 1 Day 1 of Art Retreat Staycation

I did this painting nearly 4 years ago as part of a beginning Acrylic painting class at UNLV.  I should get it framed.  There is something about a frame that makes a painting look so special.  Today is June 1st and the first day of what I am calling my Art Retreat Staycation.  I will be home this summer and I wanted to be able to enjoy this time.  I have signed up for a lot of online classes and I need to take time to catch up and create.  Instead of becoming overwhelmed, I decided to make "catching up" as enjoyable as possible.  So I am going to be blogging about my staycation and posting pictures over the course of the next three months.

So, what did I do today?  Facilitated an RCIA class, was lector at 12 noon Mass.  Worked on day one of ICAD (index card art challenge).  This wonderful event will run from June 1 to July 31st.  Everyday I will be completing an art piece on an Index Card.  I will be posting once a week on Saturday Afternoon.  I signed up for Mary Ann Moss' Sketchbookery class which starts July 1st.  I still need to do my day one homework for the Sacred Alter ecourse.  And I need to write in my staycation journal, have to make a list of the classes I need to work on.

All in all it was a great day,  looking forward to tomorrow.  Going to Morning Mass and then home to  Casa Eloisa (a derivative of my middle name) to start my artsy day.