Monday, June 09, 2014

Day 8 and 9 of Staycation -

Hand made post card
ATC type cards

Day 8 of Staycation was great.  Busy day at church helping with the Pastoral Council election and participating in the last Mystagogia class for the newly baptized and confirmed.

Then I went to Desert Art supply for the ATC swap.  I miss understood how the swap was supposed to work (other attendees did too).  I thought we were going to make cards to swap and I brought my cute little bag with my travel art supplies.  Trust me I was prepared to create.  Well that is not was was happening, people brought completed cards.  Some were photo copies which I think does not really make them ATC's but I was not going to burst their bubble.  What to do, what to do, panic was not allowed.  I simply pulled out my supplies, my collage pieces, glue and other necessities and proceeded to make 4 ATC's that were traded.  I did not have an opportunity to take pictures because they went too fast.  I will post the cards I got in return tomorrow.  But, it was so much fun and I was amazed at how quickly I worked within the patriotic theme.  The pictures above are representations of other ATC type cards and post cards I have made in the past.

I forgot just how much fun they are to make.

Day 9.  worked on ICAD number 8 - Mandala and 9 Alphabet.  I struggled with the Mandala because I was not confident in my ability to draw Mandala.  Then the lightbulb went off.  I have rubber-stamps that are representations of Mandalas.  O joy, O joy.  I stamped my little heart away this afternoon.  I have to paint the cards and it will be complete. I sometimes forget about using my stamps and stencils in my art.  I have to get better at using all of my tools.

Until tomorrow....pilgrim

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