Tuesday, June 03, 2014

June 3, Day 3 of Staycation

Staycation "Travel" Journal

Day 1 and 2

When you travel, it helps to have a journal to document all of the events.  A couple of nights ago as I was thinking about this staycation, I realized that I needed to have a  "travel" journal.  The book above was made last summer.  It is made of 3 signatures using junk mail, specifically all of the ads I received advertising election qualification.  As I said, junk mail. The pages are painted and primed with gesso and acrylic paint.  Some will be collaged and I will be adding flip outs on some pages.

I find that I am letting my imagination run wild with this journey and it feels good. 

Ok, what did I do today?  I started my 3rd ICAD with the prompt hello my name is.  I had the brilliant idea to look up hello my name is in various languages and put them on the card.  I will post a weeks worth of index cards on Saturday so watch this space.

Had a doctor's appointment today, my 6 month check up with my medical oncologist. She is very pleased with my progress. So far cancer is still in remission, although I have to go for my mammogram in August and that will really tell the tale.  My white blood count has risen ever so slightly, it is still low but is showing improvement and Dr. Alison was very happy.  I have had blood problems all of my life, but because of the cancer, Dr. Alison wants to keep an eye on it.  What I have, thalassemia is a blood disorder common in African, middle eastern and South East Asian cultures.  As long as I take my vitamins and eat reasonably well it will not cause any problems, I really need to start eating more beets that is what I had to do as a child.

I took a long nap and boy did it feel good.  My round gelli arts plate came today so I have to play with it.  Hmm, let's see what else. I thought about a ritual started by Michelle, Jenny and I while at An Artful Journey.  In the evening after the days events we would go back to the cabin and have tea or hot chocolate.  It was fun to sit and talk and have our hot drink.  So tonight I am going to make a cup of tea (or maybe a glass of Iced Tea, it is still in the 90's here), and make plans for tomorrow.  This will become a nightly ritual.

Well have to get up early tomorrow, I am lector at 8:30 Mass and I want to sit in the part for a few minutes before Mass. 

So, until tomorrow....pilgrim


Linda Arandas said...

great news that you got a good report on your health. will pray that it continues. also...I love the cover of your journal!

Michele Unger said...

Such wonderful news from your doctor! I am relieved and thrilled for you. Keep well and happy and safe, my friend. You are precious to so many of us!

Beets. I love beets. Buy some organic ones at the farmer's market and top and tail them, wrap them in foil and then bake until tender. Then let them cool, rinse under running water and all the skin will just rub off. Then roast them! 400 degrees F. with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Once they are nicely roasted, dribble on a little balsamic vinegar and consume! Even my husband will eat them this way!!!

Miss you.

Christine said...

Congratulations on your good report!! And beets -- yummy -- there are definitely worse things to have to eat.

I ADORE your idea of using political ads as your paper source. That is totally brilliant and I think I'm going to snitch your idea! Thanks.

Keep enjoying your staycation. I'm enjoying it right along with you!!

Blessings on your day.

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks everyone. It is a little nerve wracking when it is time to go for check-ups you never know what is going to happen. Linda, I am glad you love the cover trying to decide if I am going to leave it as is, or embellish.

Michelle, I miss you too and the beet recipe sounds yummy. I do love beets.

Christine, glad you like the idea but be aware that you will need to gesso or use a couple of coats of paint if you want to cover the add completely. I am going to be experimenting with various things and in some ways I like some of the picture peaking through.

Thanks so much for leaving comments.