Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 4 of Staycation: ICAD 22-28

Dear Reader.....

Week 4 of the Staycation and ICAD is done.  Time is going by so fast but I am having a good time.  Below are the Index cards from this week.  Enjoy.

Beach Umbrella
#22 Chlllin' on the Beach

 #24 Brown
Wonky Houses painted on Index card and crinkled deli paper

# 23 Star Wars
# 25 Maple Leaf
Leaves Traced and painted with shades of Orange background shades of green

# 26 Magnifying Glass
In memory of my Mom who had a magnifying mirror that she used to apply her make up as a child I loved that mirror
#27 Album Cover
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon I have always loved this album cover so I set out to draw and paint it
the black is black gesso and the other colors are acrylic paint pens  this was fun because I was determined to have it look just like the cover and I came really close.  I find I like doing linear drawings,  Who knew.

#28 Robot
I have been really letting my mind go with the prompts.  I had to give my robot a name and a purpose; introducing Servibot and Service is its goal coming someday to an IKEA near you.  Servibot has real fashion sense and personality.

Well, that is the week 4 dear reader, Please feel free to leave a comment, it can get lonely here in this laptop.

Until next time......pilgrim


Robin said...

Hi There...great worked..your cards are awesome..!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thank so much Robin for stopping by and visiting my blog.

The Creative Beast said...

Finally catching up on your 'staycation' series here - love all the creativity Glenda!
I've always loved listening to Dark Side of the Moon and I love your rendition of the cover art. Now you see how important it is to experiment so you can find out what you like to do and linear drawings are now your favorite! Can't wait to see more linear drawings from you =-)

Janet Murie said...

Very nice cards! I especially like the beach umbrella and the wonky houses.
I enjoyed visiting your blog and am now one of your followers.