Wednesday, December 31, 2014

As The Year Comes to a Close.......

As 2014 comes to a close I was thinking of what I would write in the final blog post of the year.  At first I thought I would  post one picture which represented my favorite of the year and then wax philosophical about my hopes and dreams.  While looking for the perfect, one of a kind photo, to represent 2014 I realized that there were many that I loved and that they could tell the story much better than I could.  Below are my favorite photo's of the year.

Favorite Photo's - 2014

Fruit at the Farmer's Market in Venice

Boats on the Canal in Burano, Italy

Painting from Class with Judy Wise

Man copied using the upside down process

First ever painting on a large Canvas with Katy Kendrick

Another painting from Judy Wise Class - love her expression

Original Painting done for an Auction

Duschetes River in Bend, Oregon

Sitting with David in Florence, Italy

I can never get enough of the Eiffel Tower

The Mountains in Zion, Utah

Drive through the marvels of Zion National Park

I had a wonderful year.  Starting with An Artful Journey at the end of February and ending with a Women's Retreat in the Zion National Park area in Utah in November.  I had the pleasure of spending my 65th birthday with 66 other women discussing the joys of Advent.  In between I spent 11 days with my Art retreat and travel friends winding our way through Florence, Venice and Paris.  I also went on a retreat in Three Rivers, CA discussing the comparison between St. Francis Assisi and Pope Francis.

I am most thankful for all that I experienced and accomplished....there is still more to do, but today - December 31, 2014- I am just going to relish these beautiful pictures as they remind me of a year well lived.

Until next year........Happy New Year my friends, pilgrim.


Michele Unger said...

Happy New Year to you, sweet friend!


Glenda Hoagland said...

Happy New Year to you also. Love to you

HuggyBunny said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your artwork this year. My favorite is your first painting on a large canvas with Katy Kendrick. Did you make that in a class? It is beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you do in 2015. Happy New Year! Lei

Glenda Hoagland said...

Hi and Happy New Year, yes I did paint the large canvas in Katy's class. It was a very emotional thing to do as it was my first large canvas.

Thanks for stopping by

Seth said...

Sounds like quite a special year Glenda. What amazing adventures and beautiful pictures. Happy 2015. And a big thank you for your comment on my blog.