Sunday, January 25, 2015

Random Thoughts and Arty things....January 18 to January 24, 2015

New Week, new opportunities:

January 18:

Got a really groovy idea for week 3 of DLP 2015.  It is a slow process because of 24 hour drying time between steps, but it should work out.  My mind is still churning.  We are using the Dylusions journal for our projects and I have been doing double page spreads.  I think I am going to make some single page spreads.

Also it is time to start my 100 faces in 365 days project.  Have not done a lot of faces in a while, this should be interesting.

January 19:

Began working on first painting for You and Me with Wyanne.  I did not have a12x12 canvas, but I do have 12x12 wooden substrates so that is what I am going to use.  Gesso applied today and the first layer of paint.

Worked on Artist Trading Cards I was swapping with two art friends

January 20:

Mailed the ATC's and visited Desert Art Supplies.  I needed to find a few neo II crayons, Liquitex Liquid and golden high flow paints.  Very productive visit.

Taught Religious ed this afternoon and then came home to relax.  No Art tonight.

January 21:

I was lector at Mass this morning and then went shopping at Dollar Tree.  This one was much larger than the one close to my home.  It was dollar store shopping nirvana.

Continued to work on DLP week 3.  I painted the silk flowers that I glued to watercolor paper with gesso, then it was over to the drying rack to dry.  I have a box that I use to place things I need to dry so that I don't put my fingers in the paint, drop it or otherwise mess it up.  How do I know this can happen?  From many oops.  I am glad that I am not an artist that has to move quickly because this project required a lot of patience.

January 22:

Today was a great day.  I decided to just spend the day working on art and stay home.  I finished the DLP project which included a major oops or as Carolyn Dube would say and Outstanding Opportunity Presenting Self".  I was following a process I learned from Donna Downey and once the painted flowers have dried, you cover them with embossing ink and then cover with CLEAR embossing powder.  Using a heat tool  you melt the embossing powder. WELL!!!! I grabbed a bottle of ultra thick Utee and poured it on the flowers, grabbed my heat gun and realized my flowers were turning white.  Uh Oh, time to look at the label ---white----. So much for assuming I had the right stuff.  What was I going to do?????  I made a wash of acrylic paint, painted it over the white utee and used the heat gun to melt the paint in the the embossing powder.  It worked.  So now I am not mimicking anyone---I have my on take on the process.

DLP 2015 Week 3 - Colors of the color wheel

January 23:

Completed Joanne Sharpe's Lesson from Lifebook-Artful lettering.  I almost talked myself out of doing this project, but I am glad that I did it.  My goal for this year is to try each lesson regardless of my level of success.  Also, not to put so much care into if I get comments or not when I post, just enjoy the process.

January 24:

It is a beautiful Saturday here in the Vegas Valley.  Had a meeting at church, stopped by Von's to get a few items and then home.  Painted 3 postcards that I am going to mail on Monday as a delayed of Love Notes project.  3 or 4 times a year I participate in a program where  a partner/penpal is assigned and for 3 weeks we send a post card or note based on a prompt.  The idea is to stay in the habit of corresponding via mail.  There are times when a partner does not follow through.  I volunteered to send postcard to a few that did not receive a note.  It was so fun to do.

Well another week has come to a close.  Where does the time go?

until next week.........pilgrim


barb hendrickson said...

What a thoughtful and lovely blogpost, Glenda. I so enjoyed reading about your week!

barb hendrickson said...

And, what a gorgeous project you shared with us! It's beautiful and so fun at the same time.

Michele Unger said...

You had a fully, very arty week! I love how you fixed the UTEE glitch. Clever girl. I'm putting that one into my "fix it file" in case I need it in the future. Thanks for sharing.


JackieP Neal said...

another full week for you Glenda! And that spread of the DLP- is just gorgeous! xo

The Creative Beast said...

Loved catching up on what you have been up to with this blog post. You have been VERY BUSY with lots of creative projects! Loved the OOPS acronym!! I will have to use that sometime =)