Saturday, January 17, 2015

Random Thoughts - January 11 to January 17 2015

January 11:

It is a rainy Sunday in Henderson, NV a few miles southeast of Las Vegas.  The perfect Jammy day.  After church I came home, put on my jammies,  had my once a week treat of fried chicken.  I worked on art and it was good.   I am participating in a series of online classes and I am noticing that something interesting.  While I love Lifebook and the techniques I learn,  I am finding a sincere fondness for classes like Document Life and Journal 52 which give you prompt and then you create from your own voice.  It is scary at first, but once you let your mind go, the possibilities are endless.

I have a lot of meetings this week at church so it will be interesting to see how much I will be able to's hoping for a lot.

January 12:

Worked on my Document Life Project and painted a book cover for online Bible Study class on becoming.  Below is a picture of the cover.

January 13:

Taught Religious Education Class.  Played catch up watching the videos for Creative Jump Start.  It is a yearly program held on January designed to help get the creative juices flowing.

I have been thinking a lot about my life.  65 years have come and gone and now it is time to really consider how I want to make the most of the years I have left.  I have no idea how many years that is, but I dod not want to waste a minute of it.  Yet I am perplexed.  I know I will figure it out, i just have to be patient.

January 14:

MOMs Meeting tonight, it was a really good meeting with great discussion about saying "Yes" and making choices.  We are studying "Having a Mary Spirit" by Joann Weaver.  Sometimes the book is a challenge and I do not agree with what she rights, but that is a choice.  You do not have to agree with everything in order to learn something.  It is about the little "Yesses" that get us through the day, month and year.

January 15:

No meetings today.  Hair cut and relaxation today.  Nice day.

January 16:

Shopping day.  Nothing extravagant.  But, drum roll please, I used up all of my Golden soft gel (gloss) and needed to get more.  Went to Aaron Brothers and bought a few things I needed.  Found out that the store is closing which is really sad.  There are two stores remaining open in other parts of the valley, but it always sad to see a business close.  I always worry about the employees.  Just one more reason why I am so happy I am retired.

January 17:

Very busy day.  Three Meetings and now I am planning how I am going to do my week 3 of Document Life.  But first I need to make a couple of ATC's, do week 3 of Life book  and a couple of other projects.  Truthfully, I have been putting off doing the life book project, but this is one of my little "yesses".  Bite the bullet and get busy.

What a week, I learned a lot, thought a lot and laughed a lot.  until next week....pilgrim


JackieP Neal said...

Thank you for sharing your week Glenda- your pondering s sound very positive to me!
Yay! You used up a whole thing of gel- you must be working that art- heehee
and I'm loving what I have been seeing") Have a lovely new week-hugs and all good things~

Michele Unger said...

You had a busy week! I love your journal cover. Happy colors, lots of movement, very you! january always presents so many options on how to proceed with the new year. I am having many of the same inner conversations with myself that you are having.

Miss you.