Saturday, February 14, 2015

Random Thoughts: Feb. 8 to Feb 14--Poetry and Murder Mysteries

February 8:

Life's Highway

Life's highway is tricky, full of potholes and curves
I trudge along dodging deadens and detours.
As I make the journey I look over my shoulder,
just a quick glance
to make sure you are still there.
Because as I travel this long, long road
I often think how lonely the trip would be
without you.

For many years (from the age of 15 actually) I wrote poetry.  Some were just my thoughts and feelings and others were commissions from family and friends.  Life's Highway was written around 1990 and I have always loved it because it can relate to anyone from God to your best friend, to your spouse.

February 9:

Still working on my under papers painting.  There has been a significant amount of drying time.  This really teaches patience,  Today I added lines using Pebeo cane liner and then filled in the spaces with Liquitex Pouring Liquid.  I had never used this medium before and I was nervous, but I love the results.  You will see what I mean when I post the picture.  Really looks like glass.

This is a busy week starting with Bible study tonight.  Group shared great conversation.

February 10:

I am going to take a few minutes to vent.  I cannot understand why some drivers have so little regard for pedestrians.  By my own choice I do not drive, as a result I do a lot of walking.  This morning I walked to UPS  Store to mail a letter and then to Smith's to pick up cupcakes for tonight's Small Church Community meeting.  There is a corner, Corporate Circle and Green Valley Parkway, that I just hate.  People block cross walks, turn before you can clear the crosswalk, just so many instances of poor driving.

This morning, on my return home, a big truck blocked the crosswalk so  decided to just miss the light and wait.  Now I had the right of way, but you can meet your maker, insisting you have the right of way,  Anyway, there was a young lady crossing from the other side, she was on her phone, clearly had the right of way was walked behind the big truck.  Another truck approached the intersection and proceeded to make a left turn.  The driver could not see the lady but I did and shouted for her to stop. It took about three shouts before I could get her attention, well she stopped just as the other truck was completing his left turn.  He then saw her and slammed on the breaks, if she had not stopped and jumped back she would have been hit. She thanked me for shouting to her and getting her to stop.  Scared me and I just shook my head.  Drivers, pedestrians are people too and when we are in the crosswalk, please pay attention.  Ok, vent over...

Busy day, pouring liquid is completely dry, not much arting today.

Under Papers in Faux Stained Glass

February 11:

Spent the morning preparing lesson for MOMS meeting tonight.  Next couple of hours worked on Week 6 DLP prompt, Layers....Used Kaila Givehand's deck of mixed media prompts to develop my layers.  I have had the cards for over a year and this is the first I have used them.  They are wonderful.  I pulled out 15 cards and have used 12 of them so far so that means I have 12 layers on my page.  Never worked with this much layering and it is interesting.

February 12:

Completed Week 6 of DLP - Layering, don't stop till you get enough.  Truth, started not to do this one
because I always feel I am not good at layering.  But....since this year is the year of using what I have and getting use out of all of the tools I have purchased over the years, I thought about the Mixed Media Cards I purchased from Kiala Givehand.  They look like a deck of cards and you shuffle them and pick randomly.  I picked 15 cards and used all of them to form various layers.  The page started out with layer of gesso and layer of collage papers.  Then I used the mixed media cards.  The last 5 layers include a Patti Tolley Parrish stencil, drips from a tooth brush, and brass ephemera.  Still feel a little stiff, need to learn to loosen up more.

Layer upon Layer
February 13:

Friday the 13th one of my favorite days of the year.  I spent today relaxing and cleaning.  The temperature is in the high 70's.  I watched Tam's videos for making the Seeds of Love Painting.  Think I will work on it soon, just not today.

Decided to go to the Mixed Media 2.0 class on Sunday, since I do not have any meetings at church.  I really like these classes.  Great price and learn some great techniques.

February 14:


BE KIND TO......

City of Love
The card front is a rubber stamp image of an apple, painted with water colors and the photo is of the Arche De Triumphe in Paris.  Hope both of these pictures remind you to be kind and love all you meet.

Hope you had a wonderful day.  Me?  I am going to a barbecue murder mystery party, should be fun.

until next week.....pilgrim


Michele Unger said...

Beautiful artwork, Glenda! I love your apple, especially.

And as for layers, do you ever do art journaling with someone else? My friend John and I do the "prompt game' when we journal together. He picks a prompt, we set the timer for 5 minutes, do the prompt, then it's my turn. Repeat, switching back and forth until you are happy with the results. I find this a very fun and free way to work because you just can't get precious when you only have 5 minutes!

I look forward to your blog posts! Wish I could get motivated and update mine but until I do, I have yours to anticipate.

Hugs and love to you on this Valentine's Day.

Glenda Hoagland said...

Michele, i have never art journaled with anyone before. Thank you for your kind word. I am enjoying creating pages. This is my 9th year of blogging and I am trying to be more faithful in the process.