Saturday, March 07, 2015

Random Thoughts: March 1 to March 7 2015

March 1

Today was really sweet.  Went to the twice a month Mixed Media Class at the Crafting Place.  It is so nice to work with fellow artists.  We learned a technique coloring white muslin flowers with spray inks.  We also used gel medium to glue down book page circles, and used Gesso and stencils to add texture to page.

To page Layout with painted flower petals

March 2

Today I spent the morning working on Bible Study lesson for tonight.  We are still studying Isaiah 40 to 55.  Bob Blaskey did the wrap up and was excellent.  The message of this week's reading is the God can use anybody to accomplish His mission and we should not question what He can do.

March 3

Completed Lesson 9 of  LifeBook presented by Lynn Whipple.  We were to draw a My Favorite things jar and fill it with all of my favorite things.  After much thought I was able to fill it with things that I love like traveling, fried chicken, church, and many more,

My Favorites Jar

Small Church Community discussion was enlightening this evening.

March 4

Pretty quiet day.  Completed gift for my Mom's prayer partner and worked on Documented Life week 9 project.  Attended 2nd session of Catholics Returning Home.  Wanted to meet the group since I will be presenting on March 18th.  The team is much smaller this year, but we seem to have a really nice group of participants.

March 5

Decided to spend day at home.  It was nice to have the quiet.  Worked on week 10 of LifeBook, making gratitude hearts.  Today I cut out the hearts and began the coloring process with Dylusions Spray inks.  it is amazing how time can fly by so quickly when you are painting and creating.

Watched The Artistic Biker compete in a Wine and Palette painting competition.  He was in Oklahoma Cith and streamed the entire event.  This was a real hoot as a group of us chatted about the people who were standing in from of the camera and blocking our view.  It is amazing what you see when people do not know that they are being filmed.  We gave them names like "suit guy", "plaid guy", "tugging at your dress girl, who was pursing suit guy, and little baby.  Blade the artistic biker won his first section and lost in the finals.  A good time was had by all.

March 6:

Completed LifeBook Lesson 10 presented by Tam Laporte.  I loved this lesson it was very colorful and thought provoking.  We should all take to think about the many things for which we should be grateful.

Folder to house Hearts

Grateful for travel opportunities

Grateful for Family

Grateful for Music

display of all the Gratitude Hearts

March 7:

Today was an amazing day.  I finished my week 9 of DLP.  This was major because it is nothing like I envisioned when I started it.  I was trying to move away from my go to palette and it turned to mud.  Mud I tell you just plain mud.  So I gessoed over the mess, covered that with collage and more gesso.  then I went to my palette of turquoise, magenta, purple and pink it looked really loud so I put a light gesso wash over it to tone it down,  then I had the idea to cover this with turquoise, blue/green and aquamarine Neo color II's.  This worked really nice to even out the colors.  I covered this with clear gesso so I could draw on it with out distorting the blue.

Initially I wanted to use butterflies on the page and made cutouts but they were too big, so I decided to draw flowers and quirky houses.  The end result is below.  I learned a lot about not giving up, covering with gesso and starting again.

Week 9 DLP  5 x 5 layers (or more)

Went to see a performance of Aida at the Las Vegas Academy. Which is the High School of the Arts for Las Vegas.  Let me tell you that these students hare so talented.  I was completely blown away by their showmanship, talent and resilience,  I had such a great time.

This was a great week.  nothing more needs to be said.....

Until next week, pilgrim.


Susan Carol said...

Love all your pages, but particularly I LOVE your gratitude hearts. I'm definitely going to do them.

Glenda Hoagland said...

Susan, thank you for stopping by. The inspiration for the hearts is from lifebook 2015, week 10.

Michele Unger said...

Wow, I love the art you did and all the interesting classes you are taking. And the Aida performance....wish I'd been there. I love to read that you had a great week! Here's to the rest of the year being wonderful, too!


JackieP Neal said...

I always enjoy your posts Glenda- a sweet week indeed!! I love those gratitude hearts and your folder!
Thanks for sharing your musings,my friend- blessings and love ") xo