Saturday, March 28, 2015

Random Thoughts: March 22 to March 28

totally unfocused

March 22:

Whew, today was a really full day,  Teach RCIA class, attend a retreat, 12 noon Mass and Executive Committee meeting.  It was a joy to get home and chill, but it was a good day.  No art today although I did give some thought as to what I would like to do for week 12 of Document Life with is them of Focus.  I could take the conventional route and "focus" on something in the painting, but no, that is not what is coming to mind.

Fell asleep early, at least early for me, because I was just plain tired.

March 23:

Today marks the one year anniversary of my Friend April's death from lung cancer.  A group of us met for Mass this morning and then went to pray by a tree in Sunset Park that was dedicated to her honor. Then we went to breakfast.  I was a little worried about going to breakfast and what I would choose to eat.  I did pretty good, I ordered a yogurt parfait with fresh fruit, plain yogurt and cinnamon granola.  I also had orange juice and only drank half of it.  I made good choices.  That has what this lent has been about.  Making good choices.  Today is day 33 of no meat.  I have to say that this is major.  I have been eating veggies and fish about 2 to 3 times a week and really enjoying it.  We had good conversation reminiscing about April and just life in general.

Tonight attended the first night of the Lenten Mission at my church, St. Thomas More Catholic Community.  Tom Booth, a Catholic Song writer and spiritual leader is our guide.  I bought one of his CD's and am listening to the music as I type this update.  His is teaching about going inside, inside our heart to find God and myself.  He is an excellent speaker, funny and touching, spiritual and musical.

More tomorrow.

March 24:

I watched the week 13 installment of LifeBook 2015.  Juliette Crane was the instructor and presented wonderful videos about making Owls using her unique painting and palette.  I love her work, it is so rustic and beautiful.  One of the supplies suggested for the painting was bleeding tissue to add dimension and color when it is collaged to the page.  I did not have any bleeding tissue and did not want to go purchase any so I started thinking and came up with the idea that I could take white tissue and paint it with Dylusions spray ink which doesn't dry permanently.  As a result, if you wet it reactivates the paint and "bleeds".  I have to say that I am really happy with idea.

Tonight I attended the second night of the Lenten Mission.  The topic was Listening to the urgings of the Holy Spirit. In order to really hear and understand, you have to learn how to go within.  It is not always easy to do, but it is really necessary.  Tom said that most of the time this inner discovery can be painful because we have buried to much inside.

During lent I have spent a lot of time in silence, not turning on the TV until later in the day.  As a result I have been able to spend time in reflection and devotion.  It has been most helpful and peaceful.

Painted white tissue paper - small swatches

Painted tissue paper - large sheet

background for painting of Owls.

March 25:

Attended the last night of the Lenten Mission.  The topic was the Art of Prayer.  Discovering your passion or artistic vocation and turning it into prayer.  Tom Booth is a musician so for him the Art of Prayer is his music.  We had a concert with songs he had written which were indeed prayers.  Oh what a great time we had.

There are two things I love to do, write and paint, my goal for the rest of this year is to listen to the leadings of the Holy Spirit and discover how I can turn what I love to do into prayer.  This should make for an interesting rest of the year.

March 26:

Worked on my lifebook painting.  I am not a fast painter, but that is ok.

March 27:

Lunch with good friend and then more work on my painting.  I promise I will get it done, but I keep thinking of more things to do and I am kind of slowing around because, if I am honest, I am not sure if it is good enough.  Some/most of the paintings posted are so beautiful and look so professional and mine, will it just looks folksy.  Still trying to wrap my arms around being a folk artist.

Finished my Painting.

Girls Night Out
Painting these Owls were so much fun. Because of the placement of the focal Owl, I felt she needed friends, hence girls night out.  They are all blinged up and ready to hit the town on a starry night.  My color palette is widening and I am getting more comfortable with using molding paste and stencils.

Thoughts about the week:

This week was really good.  Did not do as much art as last week, but I still had fun with what I did accomplish.  I have now completed 39 days with no meat, 39 days with no Chicken.  I bet every chicken on earth is breathing a sigh of relief.

All is good in the hood.  Until Next week.....pilgrim

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Win Dinn said...

'Not good enough' - a phrase that has haunted every artist since the first charcoal stick painting on cave walls. It is essential that we shoot it to the moon, and recognize that what's good for our soul is more than good enough!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Win, you are so right. Thank you for the reminder. These months of creativity have been so soothing and enriching.

JackieP Neal said...

Great choices Glenda! 39 days meat and chicken free? I applaud you!
I love your tip for the tissue paper and will give it a go. Your painting is beyond delightful,my friend!! I adore those sweet birds- would make cute greeting cards!
I have to tell you, I love reading about your week and your spiritual journey- I feel ease in my soul when I read your musings!
Much love and Happy ,blessed Easter to you and your family Glenda! xoxo