Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Random Thoughts: April 19 to April 25: I can no longer call myself a new artist.

April 19:

Busy day today between church and a meeting.  I love my slow cooker because when I spend time away from home, dinner is ready when I get home.  Did not do any art today.  Mainly relaxed after I got home.  Still pretty tired from yesterday.  The sun was really hot and draining on the walking course but I am so happy that I participated in the Relay for Life.

April 20:

Bible Study tonight and I spent a couple of hours preparing.  It felt good to answer the questions and reread the chapter.  I watched Wyanne's April videos (almost forgot about this class).  The technique and product used involved Pebeo Moon and Prisme Acrylic Paints.  I was really excited because I have these paints.  I took a class in January using the paints and setting them with 2 part resin.  I am not good with the resin because 1.  I am not the greatest with measuring and 2.  the smell is just too much.

Wyanne's technique used GAC liquid in place of the resin to set and give a good shine (woohoo).  She also said you can use spray varnish.  Be still my heart.  I will be working on a couple of painting this weekend.

Below is a picture of the painting I did during the class in January.

Pebble Moon and Prisme Painting
April 21:

Spent the day working on a candle for my MOMS new member for whom I have served as a prayer sponsor.  The candle is one that I lit when I prayed.  I had to think really hard on what I could do and the thought kept coming to me to collage with napkins that have butterflies.  The Butterfly is the symbol of MOMS.  It was fun and I blinged it up a bit.

I received my copy of A World of Art Journal Pages curated by Dawn Devries Sokol.  I am in the book.  It is both humbling and encouraging to be in this book.  I looked at each page and all of the art journal pages shown in the book and it is just amazing.  But what struck me the most was the caliber of the artist and the world displayed.  In this book you will find Jill Berry, Teesha and Tracy Moore, Jane LaFazio, Regina Lord, Lisa Myers Bulmash, Julie Brill-Molina and many more  These artists have been so kind to me and encouraging.  They are really talented and willing to encourage new artists.  Although I really have to stop calling myself a new artist, it has been five years since I attended ArtFest and I have been making Greeting Cards for over 30 years so I am a mixed media artist and it is high time I embraces it for all that it is worth.

Book Curated by Dawn Devries Sokol

Layouts in the Book - Page 209

April 22:

Decorated Candle
The candle above was decorated for Joanne, a new member of MOMS(Ministry of Mother's Sharing).  I have been her prayer sponsor for the past 8 weeks hoping that she and her group would mesh and that she would be spiritually uplifted by the Faith Sharing of the group.  

It was so much fun decorating the glass candle with a collage mixture of book pages and napkins with butterflies.  a little bling added to spice it up.

The candle was presented at the Celebration dinner tonight.  What a fine dinner it was.

April 23:

Started working on Pocket letters.  This was my first time working on a project such as this and it was pretty interesting.  My first step was to watch a couple video tutorials.   Since I am a visual learner, this step is really necessary.  Next step was to gather items to put in the pockets and start to decorate my ATC cards.  This was an all day project, and it was really fun.

Went to lunch with a dear friend and then a little dollar store shopping.

April 24:

Spent the first half of the day shopping at Michaels, Barnes and Noble and Sprouts.  I had a very limited budget so it was sale items along with a 20% off total bill coupon.  Had a great time and got some great buys that will help with the pocket letters plus some awesome border stamps.

Second half of day relaxing because I am going to a play tonight.

Oh the Play was a hoot.  It as a high school Play and these students are so professional and good.  It was a nice evening.

April 25:

JAMMIE DAY.  Decided to stay home today and finish working on a pocket letter that I needed to mail on Monday.  I cut my own ATC's and worked steadily for about 6 hours.  It is cold and rainy so it's really a perfect day to learn a new craft.  I have discovered that I really like pocket letters.  I have two more to complete by May 5th.

The rain is so refreshing, it has been a while since we have had an all day rain in the Valley.

I really enjoyed this week.......take care dear reader until next time...... pilgrim,

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Love your painting from Wyanne's class!