Saturday, April 11, 2015

Random Thoughts: April 5 to April 12 - Beginning of Easter Season

April 5:

Today I had meat for the first time since February 18th (Ash Wednesday).  Yes, everyone I made it taking one day at a time.  Today is Easter Sunday, one of the busiest Sunday's of the Liturgical year for me.  I served as Hospitality Minister for two Masses (8 am and 10 am) and Lector at the Noon Mass.  There were a lot of families in attendance and I wish there was some way we could encourage them to come more than once or twice a year.

The Microphone was not working properly when I began to proclaim the word.  At first I thought I was just not talking loud enough, so I leaned closer to the Microphone and talked a lot louder.  That was not the problem, but I did not want to stop and delay the Mass, so I kept on reading.  Half way through the sound was restored, whew.

I did not work on any art projects today,  just too tired.

April 6:

Went to Tuesday Morning to see what type of sales they had on art supplies.  To tell you the truth I did not realize art supplies were sold here until it was mentioned in a Ustream session.  Whoo did I find some great items.  The store on Warm Springs is closing and moving to 500 Stephanie in the Galleria area, I am happy because it is moving to one of my favorite areas.

Back to the haulage;  Archival ink pads, Donna Salazar mixed media ink pads, travel watercolors, beautiful napkins, scrapbooking paper, rubberstamps, 7 gypsies card stock, so many great items and really cheap.  I will be going to Tuesday Morning more often.

Worked on DLP from last week, I finally got an idea for a custom element.  I used a base of fiber paste to paint on.  One side was very textured for using acrylic paint and one side relatively smooth for watercoloring.  I have had this fiber paste for a long time and it was great to try it out.  I have to admit I do like it a lot.

April 7:

Completed week 13 of DLP

Custom Element

The prompt for week 15 was Custom Element and the element I used was fiber paste.  It is a film that feels like handmade paper and adds wonderful texture to the paper.  The left side is painted with acrylic and the right side is painted with water color.  I have had this paste for quite some time and in my effort to use what I have, I wanted to give it a try.  I really feel myself stretching.

April 8:

Painting a cover for another composition book and watching videos for Week 15 of Life Book.  Went to rehearsal for Confirmation Mass tomorrow night

April 9:

Attended Confirmation Mass.  I was honored to be a sponsor.  I met the young lady and her husband when I filled in as facilitator for their class.  She asked a few weeks later if I would be her sponsor and after prayer and thought, I said yes.  It is so amazing how the Holy Spirit works.

It was a beautiful evening with Bishop Joseph Pepe officiating a High Mass.

April 10:

Started reading bible study lesson.  Went to grocery store and then home to relax, the first real day of rest in 2 weeks.  I started to go to Michaels and shop, but, I had the feeling that it was really not necessary to shop at all.  So I just chilled.  Great day.

I have been watching Connie Solera's Take a Peek series showing some of her wonderful art journals.  She had many journals that she worked in then abandoned.  She also had journals that are in process, calling for more.  Viewing this got me to thinking....I need to pull together all of my journals, see which ones are completed, which ones are abandoned and boy was I in for a shock.  I have enough journals to last the rest of my life.  This led to a major purge and declutter session.

I also saw the very last end of the Hoarders and the lady said something profound.  She was really enjoying cleaning and decluttering because she was having fun.  She looked at each piece, relished in the memories and when necessary let it go.  That struck me as really good and I decided to adopt that approach.  So many of my art friends are decluttering and I have items that have been in my stash for nearly 30 (you read that right) years.  It was time to let it go and until midnight I did just that, what a release.

April 11:

Continued working on purging.  This will take some time-just completed phase 1 of many phases until I feel within my spirit that I am at peace.

I think this is also going to change the way I approach my art.  I have been thinking all week, what am I really captures my interest?  What do I really want to create?  I need to find me and not copy what others do.  This may take a while folks because right now I do not have a clue; I just know that I feel the pull to do more, be more, enjoy more.  This could be quite the adventure.

Well that is all for this was interesting to say the least.  Until next week, still searching...pilgrim.


JackieP Neal said...

Just do what feels good to you Glenda and when it happens it will- don't try to find that spot where you best fit in with your art just let it happen by continuing to play!
Happy new week! xo

Glenda Hoagland said...

Dear Jackie, your answer is amazing. Thank you so much.