Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Random thoughts April 26 to May 2

These photos represent what I call best of.  One was taken in Zion National Park and the bottom two are waterlogue app renditions o two photo's I have taken.

Last week was really a busy week, Bible Study, last day of Religious Ed, Pastoral Council Meeting and then Silent Retreat in Alhambra, California from May 1 to May 3rd.

Time goes by so fast.  I had a lot to do, post cards to make for a swap, Mother's day cards to make that I wanted to get into mail by May 5th; packing for two trips and continuing my purge of the house.

I really enjoyed the Retreat because it allowed me to slow down and just think and listen.

I will write more about the retreat next week.

Until next week, be well  pilgrim

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