Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 1 of 30 days of Painting on the Same Canvas

I cannot take credit for this concept.  A wonderful Artist, Judy Wise, introduced this process I believe it was in August of this year (2015).  She worked on a large canvas for 30 days painting on it.  Some days changing the entire canvas and some days just making changes to various portions of it.

I loved the idea and decided to try it.  My plan is to paint on the same canvas for 30 days from October 14th to Nov. 14th which is my birthday.  I am posting a picture everyday on Facebook.  However, I will be posting a blog post weekly.  I have not decided if it will be a different post or an update to the same post showing the next week's work.  I will have to give that some thought.

Day 1 Oct. 14
Gesso, collage and acrylic paint applied with room key.  Love the effect
Day 2 Oct. 15
Acrylic paint applied by hand, no brushes were used.
Fluid Acrylic was applied in a line and sprayed with water to get drips
I love drips
Day Oct 16
Covered with layer of Clear Gesso to keep colors true
Used neocolor II water soluble crayons to get deeper colors
Orange acrylic paint with stencil
Seth Apter stencil for work timeless
Sprayed watercolor to get drips and used circle stencil to wipea away color on the blue

Thinking about the artwork that I am doing.  It is not related to a class or the example of someone else, it is all me and that to me is amazing.  It is really intuitive because I do not know what I am going to do when I sit down to work on the canvas.
Day 4
Gesso and Acrylic Paint
Kept small portions from Day 3

Day 5
Acrylic paint, charcoal and SprayInk
Thoughts about day 5:  I have the canvass where I can see it all day.  I was looking at it and it occurred to me that I should turn it sideways and get another perspective.  Had thought about using circles today and I wanted give them depth.  Tried my hand at the charcoal and smoothed it with my finger, it gave the coolest shadow.  I have to remind myself that this canvas will change in someway tomorrow so do not get too attached.
Day 6
Acrylic, Pebeo Dyna Flow Acrylic, molding paste and stancil girl stencils
Still working on the side but I wanted to add some texture with Molding paste.  I wanted the circles to stay for a while so I added the texture inside of them.  I liked the effect.

Day 7

Background paint Acrylic, destress stain painted on the molding past images and sprayed with water
circles used as  border distress stain

Week 1 has come to an end.  Some observations:
  1. I really like this process
  2. I am painting with out a class, the format, color scheme, everything is all mine and I am so happy with that.
  3. cannot wait to see what happens in week 2 although I think, I will spend this second week building on the base of day 8.

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