Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 - Year of Rebirth

Photo taken in Alhambra, CA

I was just watching a video on art Heals hosted by Heidi Easley, it is a free series that is really good.  Today Lucy Chen was interviewed and what she had to say was phenomenal.  I am going to listen to her interview again.

She said that 2016 is a year of rebirth and that resonated with me. I realized that at the end of June, the first half of this year will be complete.  The thought occurred to me that I still have time to continue on my journey toward discovering who I really am.  But, I need to get busy and get back on program with purging "things" that clutter my space.  I need to set up my easel and commit to painting on that 30x30 canvas.

Art does heal and I have been trying to wrap my head around how I translate my feelings to the art journal or canvas.  I have kept so many deeply hidden, that I do not necessarily want to talk about, but need to be releases, so my goal for the rest of this year is to learn how to use art as a means of self expression, not a regurgitation of art class lessons.  Hmmm, this could prove to be really interesting.

See you soon, pilgrim.


Von said...

I understand this on many levels including those issues I don't want to share either. I wish you the very best as you try to express yourself and those feelings thru your art. I'll be in your cheering section!! (((hugs)))

Michele Unger said...

Great post, Glenda. I want to think of you standing at your easel, painting something big and heartfelt on that 30 x 30 canvas! XO

Glenda Hoagland said...

I have this idea that I am going to put of the canvas and periodically make marks on it, something everyday and see how it morphs into a painting, it should be both fun and enlightening. Thanks Von and Shelly for the kind words.