Tuesday, January 10, 2017

31 day Blog Challenge Day 10 - Holy Crapola!!!!

A Single Tear
I have posted this painting before, in fact immediately after it was painted in 2015.  I looked at it with fresh eyes on Saturday night and went Holy Crapola!!!!! I painted that.  What made me have this thought?  I was looking at some paintings on Facebook and thought how beautiful they were and wished I could paint something like that.  I looked up at the painting over my chair in the living room and did a double take.  I HAD painted a painting like that.  I had dug deep and found this painting lurking side.

I was amazed and at the same time a little ticked.  Amazed because I get the same feeling today that I did in September of 2015 and ticked because once again I wished for something I have already done and not really appreciated.  This photo makes it look bright; however, hanging on the wall it is haunting.  The lighting in the room makes the face recede significantly so you see it faintly in this black fog.  I really think that as the paint cured over time (man, I sound professional here) the painting darkened which is the effect I wanted.

When I first started this journey I would not display my work, now it is hanging on my walls.  All I can say is Holy Crapola, Batman.

see you tomorrow.

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Von said...

Outstanding KUDO's to yourself Glenda!! Too often, we forget this is OUR personal journey and isn't a quest to see who else is better. I hope you are inspired to dig deep and find it again because when you do, it's amazing ... just like this painting of yours!