Thursday, January 19, 2017

31 day Blogging Challenge Day 19: Random Thoughts

Glennie Mae Barber

This is a picture of my Mother, Glennie Mae Barber, and I miss her deeply.  Especially at this time.  We used to have some great conversations about the world. I would love to have had a running dialogue with her during these past eight years. I know she would have been so very proud of the manner in which our current president conducted his business; proud of the fact that his thoughts and actions were always intended to take care of the country and all of its residents.  The key word here is intention.  

 I would love to have a conversation with her about what is going to happen tomorrow afternoon. I know she would have a few choice words about the swearing in our new president.  One thing I know for sure the would have had me laughing until I cried.  My mother was not one to mince her words.  She was very down to earth and she would not be happy; however, she was a realist and would know that now is not the time to be depressed for sad.  No she would say it is a time to be vigilant and aware.  It is a time to pay attention.

When I figured out that my word for the year is actually two words, PAY ATTENTION, I did not realize how important those words would be.  I have to pay attention to every word, to every nuance, every thing I see around me.  I have to pay attention to all elected officials, now more than ever, and exercise my vote in a wise and determined way.  I have to pay attention to how I relate to those who are of a different opinion from me so that I treat them with dignity and respect hoping that they reciprocate in kind.

The ribbon around my mother's neck is the Martin Luther King, Jr. award she received in January 2006.  She was so proud of being awarded as a bridge builder, human rights activist and civil rights worker.  In her quiet and yet determined way she worked very hard for 50 years in her neighborhood. Some day I will tell you about her activism.  But for today, I will remember that she was a bridge builder between all ethnicities in the Southwest Detroit Area.

Tomorrow marks a real change in our world, or at least my world.  It is time for me to really pay attention.

see you tomorrow


Von said...

How I wish I could have known her too. I'm glad to know you at least Glenda. (((hugs)))

Win Dinn said...

Lovely to see and hear about your mom, Glenda, and to catch your word(s) for the year. 'Pay attention' is going to be a key phrase in the US in the coming months; thanks for leading the way!

Michele Unger said...

I wish so much I could have met your mama. I know I would have loved her as I love you. Your respectful and intelligent remarks about the need to pay attention are pithy, polite and to the point. I couldn't agree more. XO