Monday, January 23, 2017

31 day Blogging Challenge Day 22 and 23: Jollyologist

Sunset at Fort Worden in Washington State.

This is one of my favorite photo's.  Sometimes I amaze myself with the photo's I take using my phone.

I spent the weekend in Springdale, Utah which is in the Zion National Park Area.  I went to attend a Women's Retreat.  It was a wonderful retreat.  The theme was Self, Others, God.  There was a story that touched me very deeply.  It was about a mother raccoon who gave everything she had to everyone else until she was depleted.  I could so relate to being so busy helping others that I neglect take time to rest and refresh.  The question becomes how much help can you be to others, and how can you serve God, if you are too busy or too tired.  For me this is really food for thought.

We watched a movie about the 4th Wiseman.  It was a story about the fourth Magi that wanted to go along with the three Wisemen who were following the star to where Jesus lived.  The fourth Wiseman sold all that he had and tried to get others to go with him. His father granted his desire to go and sent with him one of his slaves to travel with him in return for his freedom when they returned.  They traveled for over 30 years trying to see the Messiah; however, time was spent helping others along the way.  While the main character was the 4th Wiseman; I was struck with the plight of the slave.  This man spent 30 years complaining.  He faithfully sent letters home detailing their adventures as they traveled; at first his missives were very polite and hopeful; then they became plaintive cries for relief and desperation; then resignation that they never return home.  He refused to help members of a leper colony, spent his days in the City while the 4th Wiseman (a doctor by trade) tended to the needs of the people in the colony.  I do not want to tell you how the movie ends because I hope you will take time to find it give it a viewing.

On Saturday evening we watched a video The Joy of Stress by Loretta LaRoche.  She used the term Jollyologist.  This word simply cracked me up and I just had to embrace it because the term asks us to spend time bring joy or at least a good laugh to people we interface with each day.

This was really a great weekend.  I learned a lot, laughed a lot and decided that I am going to take more time to relax and enjoy the embrace of God.

see you tomorrow.

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