Tuesday, January 31, 2017

31 Day Blogging Challenge day 31: I made it!!!!!!!

2012 - First attempts at face


The last day of January....Blogged the entire month. There were some two-fees but hey I am pretty busy.  It has been a very eventful month, but I have for the most part enjoyed it.  Blogging has been fun.

Tomorrow is February first and a new challenge will begin. I am going to be participating in 29 Faces challenge and will be blogging about it here.  29 Faces is a twice a year challenge sponsored by Ayala Art and is held in February and September.

I am going to give it my best to try and draw a face everyday; and, I am going to try and treat each day as an adventure so who knows what will happen.  I know it will be fun.

My faces have improved over time; but I have not drawn faces in over a year, so it is almost like starting from scratch.  Hmm this could prove interesting.

It has been blogging this month.

see you tomorrow with the first face.

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