Wednesday, January 18, 2017

31 day Blogging Challenge Days 17 and 18 - Change of plans

Jane Davenport goodies

Collage papers and watercolor brushes

Pencil pouch and pockets and pouches add-ins

The photo's above are pictures of items I got today from Michaels.  I wanted to get some Jane Davenport items from her new line and the display looked like it has been picked over by vultures.  Very little was left.  I had been trying to justify purchasing the Mermaid watercolor brushes, they were all gone so I was kind of happy.  I just could not justify the cost when I have so many watercolor markers and other paint materials.  So I got collage paper which I will use, watercolor brushes, the pockets and pouches add ins work really nice in the Faux-Dori I purchased a couple of years ago and the pencil pouch just because it is cute.  With the Senior Citizens discount, 40% off discount and gift card I have had for over a year, I spent $4.53.    Maybe I will put the Watercolor brushes on my list for my birthday.  There really is no hurry.

It was nice to get out and do a little shopping.  I am really trying to cut back and spend more wisely.

Now to the change of plans.  I am planning to go into more detail discussing the Strathmore Items I won.  My plan is to use each one and post about the experience.  I am working with the Watercolor pencils on a coloring book postcard, but I have not finished it.  Hopefully I will post soon.

see you tomorrow.

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