Friday, January 06, 2017

31 day Challenge Days 5 and 6

OOPS!!!!! I got busy yesterday and I forgot to Blog, Whoa is me.....  So I am combining day 5 and 6 today.  there are a few cool things to tell and show.

First.  I am taking some free online classes this year and made journals for two of the classes.  The first class is an online devotional that happens every January and is presented by Jeanne Oliver.  This is the third year that it has been offered and I have participated each year.

The devotional for this year is called Salt + Light: Impact the world right where you are.  It reminds me of a phrase I happen to love, Bloom Where You Are Planted.  Below is the cover I painted on my devotional book which is a Composition book

Devotional book

The second is a year long project called Come To The Fire: a year long art journaling journey to your sacred self.  Since I really want to spend more time journaling and doing art in my journals, this is a great opportunity.  This journal is also a composition book; however the cover is painted christmas wrapping that is then used to cover the book like we used to cover our school books. The ribbons are used as page dividers.  The cover for the journal for this class is below:

Art Journal
I have changed the ribbons for this book because I did not like the bulk.  I love painting composition books and taking a $1.00 dollar store find and making it beautiful.

Next good news......I have been EXTREMELY blessed.  How you might say?  Well I will tell you. I won two giveaways.  You know there are many giveaways on Facebook sponsored by artists as they advertise their classes and products.  So let me tell you what happened.

I signed up for the Strathmore Artist Paper giveaway in December.  I did not hear anything so I forgot about it.  Well, let me tell you. Yesterday I was checking out the Strathmore Facebook page because i was trying to find out when/if the yearly free classes would start.  As I scrolled the page I came across the post that said CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS.  I always comment and congratulate winners of giveaways.  So as I am reading the names I come across Glenda BH.  Oh my goodness that is me I thought Glenda Barber Hoagland.  Then I realized that this was announced around Dec. 20th.  Oops, I never saw the email (how many want to be the notices went to my junk folder and I cleaned them out).  Anyhoo, I started a blanket notifications to Strathmore asking if I was still eligible.  I was ok I had missed my opportunity.  Well this morning I got a response from Strathmore (in my junk mail) and I paid attention this time.  They said there were glad to hear from me and yes they were going to send me the Package.  I am so excited and happy about this.  I am going to do a show and tell post when the package arrives.

The other prize I wan is a class taught by my friend Tracy Verdugo.  Tracy has an online class called Paint Mojo and she had an end of year giveaway for 6 artists to win a place in the class.  There are three days of giveaways and I won on the first day.  Oh boy, I am so happy for this.  The class begins on January 20th and lasts for six weeks.  2017 surely is off to a great start,

see you tomorrow.


Janet said...

Awesome blog.

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Congratulations cuz for your wins. Wow! You'll have to show what you get from Strathmore. That's so wonderful.

Glenda Hoagland said...

Thanks Janet and Wendy.

Von said...

Oh how fun and exciting things and events for you! You are blessed abundantly and how nice to start the year with those blessings!!! Enjoy every bit of it, Glenda!

Glenda Hoagland said...

Von, I have been so blessed and I just plan to enjoy one day at a time.. Thanks