Sunday, January 01, 2017

Welcome to the New Year

Floating down the Yangtze River
Welcome to 2017.  It is the first day of the year and I am writing a blog post.  This bodes for a good year of writing.  I think, and I just thought of this now, that I am going to initiate 31 days of blogging.  I do not do vlog's (video's detailing your life), but I do have a blog that I have been neglecting.

My word for the year is actually two words "Pay Attention".  You might wonder why these words are fueling me to be my words of the year.  Simple, I have gone through most of my adult life seeing and yet not really seeing.  For instance, the photo above was taken by me.  There are times when I look through my photo's and cannot believe that I am the photographer; that I captured this moment in time.  Some of my photo's have an ethereal quality such as the one above and some have straight on beauty such as this:

Rose in an Orvieto Garden
I love taking pictures of flowers, standing up close capturing their essence.  The photo's may not be perfect, my rose has been cut off at the top, but there is something about it that calls to me and says pay attention, not to perfection, but to the essence.

So that is how I plan to spend the next year, 2017, paying attention to life.  Not the the perfection, but to the very essence that fuels each day and makes me want to embrace more.  

See you tomorrow.


Von said...

I look forward to being with you via your blog Glenda! I really admire your choice of words and insight into them. May God continue to help you with your endeavour along each step before you. (((hugs)))

Glenda Hoagland said...

Oh Von, thank you so much. I am so happy you will be on this journey with me. Love to you and Happy New Year.