Monday, July 10, 2017

Creative Retreat Weekend

I spent this weekend and will spend part of today, participating in the Art is Magic online Creative Retreat and it was wonderful.  Sponsored by Galia Alena, it was a smorgasbord of classes presented by awesome teachers.  A side effect of this retreat was to convince me to get busy working on the online classes with unlimited access that I have not worked on in Ages.  I can have my own creative retreat just working on these classes.

I am going to post a few photo's of paintings and try to get the name of the teacher correct.

Eye Practice - Lauren Rudolph

This is a use what you have moment, so this was painted in watercolor since I did not have the 
colors in acrylic.  I loved this lesson. Takeaway from this session, you can get deep colors
using watercolor. You can see notes to the side that I wrote for myself.

Backgrounds - Amanda Grace

I love creating backgrounds that can be used later or just just left as is. Takeaway from this session
backgrounds are so inspiring and liberating.  I can leave them as is or use them as a basis
for more in-depth painting.

Rise - Lady Mille
Again this was use what you have lesson for me.  I did not have pictures
of butterflies for collage, so I drew one on tracing paper, painted it with watercolor
and collaged it.  The layering was so much fun.  The shabby chic look is one of my favorites..
Takeaway from this lesson,  soft colors is in my soul.

Black and White - Denise Daffara
This was a Sunday after church project.  I only completed the first half and it was fun.  
I do love working in black and white; however, instead of using white I used the color Vanilla
 by Craft Smart.  She is a little crosseyed, but that is okay.  Plus...drawing the sketch with stabilo woody is a great way to  gain depth.  This was my takeaway from this lesson.

Draw and paint what you see - Fiona Haight Clark
This lesson is something I have done before, but not to this extent.
Drawing squiggle lines on a page in charcoal or stabilo marks all and then
looking for items to draw.  Started with the face and then formed a body.  Some of the
class mates had beautiful forms and then there is me keeping it real (LOL).  Takeaway from
this Lesson, develop a discerning eye to see what the marks tell you.

Beyond Word - Gaila Alena
Ok, why do I like this?????The vines and leaves.  I mixed the color using jet black by Apple Barrel and 
Mint green by Craft Smart.  I did not have a leafy green color, so I thought to mix black with the green
to get a deeper color.  My takeaway from this?  I love drawing vines and leaves and color mixing is
a valuable tool.

Garden of Tranquility - Tiare Smith Woods
This is a Sunday project that I did this morning.  I am in love with this painting.  My takeaway from
this lesson?  Using baby wipes and sponges for the majority of the background and the flowers in the grass.

I have a few more classes to complete this afternoon.  Great way to spend a quiet day.

Take care my friends.....pilgrim