Tuesday, October 12, 2010


"Some choices are easy, such as deciding to each a banana or take a walk; some choices are harder like whether to sell your stocks or wait out the storm." Each day we have to make choices.

Each Tuesday I have the privilege of team teaching 15 second graders who are preparing to Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation and receipt of Holy Communion. These children are so fresh and honest. Some fidget in their chairs; some have to resist being a "tattle-tail"; some want to be our helper and others want to be your best friend. Most of all they want to learn.

Today we talked about making choices...the choice between right and wrong and how hard that can be even for a seven year old. Think about it.

I come from a small family. It was just my parents, my brother and I. My brother and I were 364 days apart...we were the same age for 1 day. I was pretty much the "goody two-shoes" of the family mostly because I didn't like spankings. My brother on the other hand would try to get away with as much as possble.

When you grow up in a family with only two children there is a dynamic that can be rather bothersome. The "I did not do it" syndrome." My brother had a great habit of making the wrong choice. Draw on the wall--He did it. Dig into the wooden table with a knife...he did it. Eat Daddy's piece of pie...HE DID IT. There was just one problem, he would never admit it. It would go something like this..."Kenny did you draw on the wall? No, Mommy I didn't." "Glenda did you draw on the wall? No Mommy I didn't." "Well someone did so you both will get spanking." "Kenny did you eat your father's pie? No, Mommy." Glenda did you eat it? No Mommy." "Well some one did...." Are you starting to get the picture.

So, one day, my brilliant brother was batting marbles and broke the storm window. I looked at him , at the window and made one of my most outstanding choices to date. I was not taking a spanking for this one. No way Jose. This was major. I went to the living room, sat down in the most comfortable chair I could find and waited.

Daddy came home first. With all of the gusto and innocence I could muster I pointed and said "He did it, you will see it and when you do, He did it!!!!" That evening my brother got the spanking of his life while I munched on ice-cream and cookies. Ah, the glory of it all. Choices.....

Have all my choices worked so gloriously? No. Have I had to learn hard lessons because of my choices? Yes.

I look into the eyes of my 15 weekly charges and realize that some will remember the lessons we teach them this year. Some will forget and some will simply ignore it as they move through life. They will all at some point have to choose between right from wrong; between happiness and sadness; between obedience and disobedience....

We all have to make these choices every day. I told the children today that when they don't have anyone who can help them when making choices, simply pray. Pray for the strength to make the right choice. I need to follow that advice, how about you?


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